Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hostage Situation


We arrived in Redding, CA late Sunday afternoon and settled in at the gated yard of All Wheel Auto, Truck and RV Repair for our appointment on Monday morning. We made the appointment for the Lazy Daze to get new shocks, repack the wheel bearings, replace hoses, inspect the steering components, u-joints, brakes, etc. Also our not quite five year old tires have some uneven wear and sidewall cracks that we were concerned about.

Our tight site. The first night another Lazy Daze was parked there. Turns out we know the owner, Sarah, who was having some things checked out on her way to Washington.


Being close to I-5 and in an industrial area there was nowhere to go for a walk that evening, so we drove north about eight miles to Shasta Dam. Shasta is the third largest of the controversial dam projects built by the Bureau of Reclamation, with only Hoover and Grand Coulee being larger.

Impressive visitor center.


Shasta Dam, almost 7/10 of a mile across. You can drive, walk or bike across, but have to pass through security if you are driving.


Shasta Lake.


Sacramento River on the other side of the dam.





Yesterday they started work on the Lazy Daze about 8:30, and finished up at 4:30. The tire cracks were worse than we thought, so they contacted Michelin, filled out the appropriate forms and documentation, and received notice back that Michelin would give us 56% off on new tires. Since they didn’t have them in stock, they were ordered and should be here by noon today. So this is how we lived last night, on jacks with no wheels. Wish we had this much ground clearance with the tires on.


Unknown to us, our dually extra long valve stems were both damaged due to improper installation when we got new tires back in 2011, and nothing similar was available here in Redding, so Jim called Borg and had them overnight new stems. They should be here by noon, too, and we are hoping to get all this finished sometime this afternoon. Also the front brake pads are quite worn so they are getting replaced. This has turned out to be our most expensive “free” campsite ever.

Last evening we went downtown to check out the Sundial Bridge and walk along the Sacramento River Trail. Designed by Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava, it’s a very impressive structure. It is actually a working sundial, but only between 11 am to 3 pm. You can read more about it here if interested.


    DSC05218                   DSC05219


It reminded us of a harp.

DSC05228                 P1040505


Views of the Sacramento River from the trail.



And we saw two deer, lots of ducks,


and this unexpected guy who walked out onto the trail in front of us. Skunks are something we don’t see very often.


If we get “released” today we hope to spend another couple nights in Redding so we can actually get out and ride our bikes and see a bit more of the town and trail. And we still need to figure out where we’re going for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, as we have no reservations.


  1. The Sundial Bridge is a favorite stop for us. Plenty of parking and perfect timing as a place to stretch our legs. The arboretum beyond can be used to extend the walk if time permits. If you are heading north Dusmuir has waterfalls! Glad the Lazy Daze is being prepped for more safe travels.

  2. Have heard great things about the American River trail (assuming that's what it is?) Curious to hear your thoughts.

  3. Ha! Hope you got your wheels back. I was going to mention the garden by the bridge, but I see Jeff did. Good luck!

  4. Great that Michelin paid for more than half your new tires. They must have had a wonderful warranty. We have Michelins too but I don't think they are warrantied for 5 years. Guess I'll check though. You sure found some great things to do while you waited.

  5. BJ met up with a skunk (and got off scent free) last week but didn't get a picture. She just quit going on late evening walks...

  6. It feels so good to get all those repairs complete. Nice that you did get some credit for the tires...anything helps:) Love those photos looking down at the water coming over the dam. The Sundial Bridge is so neat. If you stay in the area, make sure you walk it after dark. The lighting is very cool. They also had a great farmers market downtown.

  7. Isn't that Sundial Bridge magnificent? The botanical gardens there are also lovely -- there should be quite a bit in bloom by now. Don't know where you're headed, but we've often stayed at Black Butte COE park near Corning. It's a beautiful park, lots of spaces, good hiking and biking.

    1. Thanks,Laurel, but we're heading north. Have reservations at Emigrant Lake starting June 1. Just looking for somewhere in between.

  8. There never seems to be a good time for the upkeep. It certainly is easier to bear when you don't also have to make a house payment and upkeep. Soon you will be out on the road again feeling ready for fun!!

  9. It's so nice to see Lake Shasta full again...it has been a very long time. We had a very nice stay in Redding a couple of years ago, of course we were at a garage! We got to see some salmon running. The area was nicer than we expected.

  10. Sounds like the shop was very accommodating in getting everything taken care of quickly! Always nice to find a good service location.

    1. Well, we're still here so the verdict isn't in yet. Will report later.

  11. Wonderful to see the lake with water in it!!! Nice to find issues while you're already at a repair shop - if there's ever a really good time. Great pics of the bridge - love all the angles!! If it's on your way, Seven Feathers Casino has dry camping if their RV park is full this weekend. Beautiful area.

  12. Glad you got your repairs taken care of, although I'm sure you would have preferred not to part with your money. This is an area we have not been to. Love those photos of the sundial. I am curious if your friend Sarah is a fellow Jojobian.