Thursday, April 9, 2009

Box Spring Trail

Yesterday was a warm, sunny day with light wind so we drove back to Red Canyon to hike a different trail and look for bears.

Being named the Box Spring Trail, we assumed there would be a spring, therefore the possibility of wildlife looking for water.

We never found a spring on the trail, but we happened upon some interesting things. The first was this big piece of metal that looked like it had been there a good while. Didn’t look like any part of a car,  plus we were way back  in the woods so we suspected it was wreckage from a small plane.


About a mile up the trail, we had to step around this.


Then a short distance beyond the droppings, the ground was a little soft and muddy. That is where we found these prints.



Pretty big feet! Guess we should be glad we didn’t run into the critter that made them. We made it back safely to watch the full moon rise over the trees.

P4080337 P4080338

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