Monday, April 13, 2009

Coronado Campground, Albuquerque,NM


Finally made it to Albuquerque yesterday. Staying at Coronado Campground in Bernalillo, about 15 miles north of town. Our sites are a little close together but we are right on the Rio Grande so this is the view from our back window.


This guy came to see us shortly after we got set up. The camphosts at the next site were feeding him so he was very used to people and came closer than any other roadrunner we’ve seen.


Took a hike today at Petroglyph National Monument , just west of Albuquerque. We didn’t go to look at more petroglyphs, but we heard the views were great and it was near the Camping World store.


P4130334  P4130336

We climbed up 2 of the 3 volcanoes and could see all of Albuquerque from the top.  This was the calmest day we’ve had in awhile and it was a nice break from the strong winds we’ve been experiencing.

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