Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Bluewater Lake


We are really enjoying this park. Haven’t gone anywhere in the car in 4 days since there is so much hiking to do here. I’ve ridden my bike a couple times and we’ve walked around the lake and down the canyon twice.  Unfortunately the trails are not well marked, so we’ve had to do some extreme hiking (for us) to find them. We saw these horses from the canyon rim yesterday and tried to find the trail down.


After a little rock scrambling, we managed to get down to the bottom. The horses heard us and kept moving away on the other side of the stream. In order to get closer, we had to cross to the other side but the water was too deep. After crouching through brush and thorns (Jim has a nice cut on his head to prove it), I found a shallow spot to get across. Had to throw my waterproof boots over to Debbie to wear so she could cross without getting wet feet.


It was worth it, since the horses finally realized we were not a threat and stood around grazing while we watched.



P4220356    P4220360

We went back up the only well marked trail and as we were approaching our sites, we saw this in the field right in front of the campground. Our neighbors said they walked right up to them behind our site while we were gone. Pretty cool!P4220362

And contrary to what Jim said, it’s been in the upper 70’s , the sun is shining, not much wind, and we’ve worn shorts the past couple days. Doesn’t get much better than that.


  1. Call him Jim, "The Urban Cowboy"...Won't be long, he'll be dipping Skoal, wearing a cowboy hat, jeans and boots, and be ready to lasso a few of those ponyies...yee haa.
    Have fun..
    Cheers, JDM

  2. Jim always thinks clearer, the higher he gets. Dammit Jim, that's horse pucky...put it down!

  3. Jimmy, Skoal is 3.99 here. Is that a good price?