Thursday, June 18, 2009

Henry’s Lake State Park, ID

While trying to figure an interesting way to get to Glacier NP, we realized how close we were getting to Yellowstone. Found Henry’s Lake State Park, which is only 15 miles from West Yellowstone, and decided to see if we could get a site here. All the reserved sites were taken, except for a night or two, but we just drove up on Tuesday and managed to luck into the only non-reserve site that is right on the lake.

P6170007 P6170005 Our view is great and we can stay up to 14 nights if we want. Will probably spend at least a week here, since there is so much to do in the area. Now if only the weather would cooperate. It has rained everyday for at least 3 weeks now, but we have still managed to get several hours of no rain each day so we can get outside. We even saw sun and blue skies much of the day yesterday, but had a very exciting thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon, with hail again, for the 4th time in as many days.

Just some views from the trail in Henry’s Lake we took after we got here.

P6170008 P6160003 P6160004 Yesterday we drove into Yellowstone NP and hiked a short trail along the Madison River in the area where the big fire was in 1988. It was still pretty barren but the river was beautiful.

P6170010 P6170009

The weather is supposed to be better for at least a couple days, so we hope to go back into the park and do some hiking in the Mammoth Hot Springs area. We came here at least 10-15 years ago but it was a whirlwind week of touring Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone, so we are looking forward to taking it a bit slower this time. It’s great to be retired!


  1. Hi Gail & Jim, It has been raining here too. We were at the bottom of the Yellowstone Canyon on the morning of 9-11, then traveled to the Mammoth Lodge to watch the news on television. It is indeed a beautiful area. We wish we were tagging along. Great pics as usual. Carla is ending her work career the end of July. She is ready to TRAVEL!

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