Saturday, August 29, 2009

“Another Dam Run”

Yesterday the rangers brought the fire truck out to Ft. Cascades so we could have some water to finish cleaning the gazebo and signs before the  big 5K fun run/walk this morning.

P8280053 Here is Jim scrubbing the eaves. For those of you who know how much Jim used to like doing home maintenance and yard work, you would be surprised to know he is actually enjoying the work we’ve been doing here at Bonneville Dam.


“Another Dam Run” is put on by Anna, one of the dam employees who is an avid runner. This year the proceeds went to the Stevenson, WA  High School track team. Logistically, this is a big deal for the dam and security, but everything went off without a hitch. It was drizzling early this morning, which was a concern for people running over the metal bridge and grates on the spillway, but it dried out by run time at 10.  I was stationed at the beginning of the metal bridge before Powerhouse 1, with my “slow” sign.


Luckily everyone made it across with no accidents.

P8290057 Jim got to ride the big yellow school bus to transport gear to the end at Ft. Cascades, then bring people back to their cars at the Fish Hatchery when the run finished.

It was a nice morning, and we were happy to be doing something easy after all the physical work we’ve done the past few days. Our arms got a good workout this week!

So far, no leaks with the new water pump, but it is not working quite as well as the other was before it started leaking. We are going to try the adjustment screw to see if we can tweak it a bit, but that involves holding up the mattress to access the pump and we haven’t had the energy. We’re hoping for  a few quiet days off to do some biking and sightseeing.

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