Monday, August 24, 2009

More Work and Play

Saturday we did more trail maintenance and trash pick-up. So far a few of the more interesting things we’ve found are dirty diapers, a couple pair of men’s underwear, lots of candy wrappers, beer cans and bottles, tampon applicators, a used condom and lots of cigarette butts. There are no trash cans so people are supposed to “pack it in, pack it out”, but that doesn’t always happen!

The weather was beautiful as was the scenery in some of the areas we were working, and Jim had to take a few pictures.



Yesterday was a bit cool, so we lazed around in the morning , then took a ride to Starvation Creek, about 12 miles to the east. There are hiking trails and a waterfall, which was beautiful.


We walked a mile to Viento State Park to check out the campgrounds for some friends, but it is sandwiched between the interstate and the railroad tracks. Not a very relaxing setting, even though the park was pretty. The campground was very full, though. It is a popular place for kite boarding , but we only saw a couple even though it was quite windy.

P8230044 P8230043

This morning Jim had a follow up eye appointment after his laser. After talking more with the doctor, he decided not to have his other cataract removed right now.

We then went into downtown Portland and visited at least 5 bike shops, including Performance. Didn’t buy anything except chain lube, but we love looking at bikes, and we were looking at the possibility of getting a different bike rack for the car.

Found a great place for lunch, Laughing Planet Cafe, that has lots of vegetarian options.

Tonight we rode our bikes into North Bonneville, on the Washington side of the river. For a small community, they have done a great job putting bike trails all over the town. We rode 14 miles and could have gone farther but the sun was beginning to go down. We both love our new bikes. They are exactly what we were looking for.

Just a couple nice shots Jim took the other morning from our “backyard”. Haven’t tired of the views yet!

P8220022 P8220021


  1. Ew! That's a pretty gross list of garbage! You deserve your gorgeous campsite for picking that stuff up...

    I hope your hepatitis shots are up to date!

  2. Luckily they have nice grasping tools we can use and of course we wear full containment suits with oxygen :)


  3. Photos! I want photos of the containment suits! :-)