Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clean Up and a Parade

Yesterday we helped the rangers wash the Suburban and Corps boat to get it ready for the big Skamania County Fair Parade  in Stevenson, WA this morning. Wish I’d have taken some “before” pictures of the boat. It was pretty green before we cleaned it up. It looked great on the street today, though. They were there to promote water safety, so all the rangers wore their life jackets. Not sure why Shawn was dressed as Buddy the Beaver, but he was cute. We went to take pictures.P8150047

P8150050 P8150055

  I had to use the restroom so went looking for one without having to go into a business. Finally saw the signs for public restrooms, and followed them here. I found it a bit strange, but they have a nice bathroom.


Here are some other pictures of  the parade. There is a parade on Pensacola Beach every year during Mardi Gras, and some of the floats and participants reminded us a little of that one.

P8150037 P8150031 P8150032 P8150033 . P8150042 P8150043 P8150044


This is our favorite picture. Do you think he could become a future leader of our country?P8150034

As if the parade wasn’t enough for one day, we came back and Jim went to work on installing a new super duper battery converter/charger.


Nothing was wrong with the old one, but this is supposed to do a better job. It only took 2 and a half hours and he only cut himself twice. More importantly, it actually seems to be working. I was afraid we’d be without power all weekend until we could get to an RV mechanic on Monday. I should have more faith!

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  1. They always have such great things over there in Stevenson. It's a neat place to visit after driving across the Columbia River. Our son was in their 4th of July Parade there this year, driving one of the old cars from the Western Air and Auto Museum in Hood River, OR. Great place to visit, if you haven't seen it. Known as WAAM to those who go there.