Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little Work and More Hiking

We got to do our first unsupervised “job” Monday evening.  We are in charge of cleaning the picnic shelter and putting up the reserved signs when the shelter is reserved. It just involves using a pressure washer to clean off all the bird droppings and spider webs. Since we never owned a pressure washer, and there was no instruction manual, we put our 2 brains together and finally got it working. Next time it will be a snap!

We were off yesterday so we drove down the Historic Columbia River Highway again to the Wahkeena Falls Trail. We made it a 5 mile loop and came back on the Multnomah Falls Trail, a very popular place, crawling with tourists.  Luckily we only saw a few people on the trail until we got close to the falls.

This was one of the prettiest trails we’ve hiked. It followed a rushing stream most of the way, and there were numerous waterfalls. P8110012 P8110014


It was also quite a challenging climb, but we got a great view of the river, interstate and Bonneville Dam in the far background.


Just a few more pictures from the trail. We’ve never seen so many waterfalls in one place!P8110022

 P8110023 P8110025 P8110028

Today we woke up to the weather we’ve been expecting, drizzle and fog. We have to go to work, so hopefully it will be something indoors.


  1. J&G - Isn't the Columbia Gorge a beautiful place! I was at Multnomah Falls some years ago and found myself in the midst of a wedding party. Evidently it's a popular wedding spot.

    By the way, we did stay at Robert Treman State Park while we were in Ithaca. You're right, it's a beautiful area.

  2. All of the waterfalls along the Gorge are beautiful. They just finished repairing the bridge across Multnomah Falls, so people can once again walk out there and see waaaaay down, and waaaaay up!