Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Toy


Our Christmas present to ourselves arrived today, a Samsung netbook to replace our big, heavy power hog HP laptop that we’ve had for years. The difference in size and weight is incredible.  Jim is working on getting it set up and loading all our programs on it.

It is supposed to have a 7-8 hour battery life, so it will be great to have a computer we won’t always have to plug in, and one that’s much more portable for the times we don’t have an internet connection at the campground and have to take it somewhere to get WiFi. 

We are leaving Cattail Cove on Friday for a couple days in Las Vegas on our way to Death Valley. The Lake Havasu area has been a great place to hang out this past month.  We would definitely come back here again.

  Just a couple more shots of the clear blue water in the lake.PC130008


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