Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sam’s Town Casino and RV Park, Las Vegas, NV


We are in the big city, staying at Sam’s Town for 2 nights. We were in Vegas a few years ago when I attended an ophthalmology meeting and didn’t think we would ever have reason to come back again, but here we are. We came mainly to do some shopping before going to Death Valley, and between yesterday afternoon and this morning we spent some time and money in Costco, Best Buy, Petco and Trader Joe’s.

I have been trying to get Oreo used to a harness and leash since he  enjoys going outside. This picture was taken in front of our rig, and you can see Debbie’s across the street. What doesn’t show up too well is the razor wire on top of the concrete wall surrounding the RV park. Even though this is just basically a parking lot with hookups, they do have nice clean restrooms and a laundry room, and with our Good Sam discount  it was $22/night, better than any other parks we found here.


Jim got all our programs transferred and loaded on the new netbook, and was debating on what to do with the old laptop. He found out that Best Buy will buy back your old working computer if it was purchased there. Luckily ours was, and they were able to find our receipt from 2004.  So Jim wiped out the hard drive, turned in all the manuals and disks, and we got a gift card to Best Buy for $87!  Pretty good deal since it was going to get trashed anyway. The other alternative was a check for $57, but we opted for the gift card.

He then turned around and bought a 2GB memory upgrade, which only cost us a few dollars more than the gift card.

This afternoon we took advantage of the casino shuttle to the strip, walked around for a couple hours (and remembered why we didn’t want to come back to Vegas), then had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in the Mirage. And here we are in Venice!


I took this picture of our site before we left. We were pretty close to our neighbor but luckily we were on an end site so we didn’t have anyone on the other side by the car.


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