Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mount Rubidoux, Riverside, CA



We took a great three mile loop hike up Mount Rubidoux, a paved trail leading to beautiful views of Riverside and the surrounding mountains. At the top is a huge cross, where they’ve had Easter sunrise services since 1909.




There are numerous memorials and markers on the trail honoring various people who were important to the area.




This is a popular local fitness trail. We saw lots of joggers, walkers, and cyclists. A guy with serious tattoos ran past us wearing what looked like a vest worn by suicide bombers. We were hoping he just had weights in all the pockets.

Our favorite was this guy, pulling a tire up the mountain.


I thought maybe he was training for some athletic event, but when he got to the cross at the top yelled “Thank you, Jesus!”  Jim wondered what kind of mileage he gets out of that tire.

Southern California has sure been entertaining!

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  1. Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous scenery!! I'm California Dreamin' while here in the North Pole. If I use my powers of persuasion right, that's where we're going next!

    BTW....copy and paste the following to the comments on my blog, and you'll get a "ticket" for the drawing...if you want!

    1) I like Nellie's blog because she's weird.
    2) I would like to try the Stevia because Nellie says it's great, and she knows everything!