Saturday, January 22, 2011

La Posa West, Quartzsite, AZ



We moved 70 miles up the road to Quartszite yesterday to meet up with a group of Lazy Daze owners. Today is the start of the big RV show and flea market which we attended last year and swore we’d never come back to. Never say never,so here we are again. Last year the weather was really cold and rainy while we were here, so we stayed 20 miles away in Blythe, CA where we had hookups.That meant having to fight the traffic and parking to get to the show.The weather has been great this year, so we decided to brave the dust and crowds and join the group.

Our $40 pass from Senator Wash is good until January 31 and is valid here at the La Posa BLM areas, also. There is a dump station and drinking water 4 miles from here at La Posa South. Our friends said they waited in line over 45 minutes to get into the dump yesterday, so it’s not something you want to do very often.

We got here just in time for happy hour, and had a nice time visiting with the people we already knew, and meeting a few we hadn’t. This morning at nine, a bunch of us walked over to the Big Tent, which we knew was a mistake being the first day of the show. It was about a 20 minute walk, and when we got there we weren’t sure if we would remember how to get back. I took this picture so we’d remember we needed to exit by this burger stand. Yes, that handsome fellow is Jim.


The crowds were pretty thick so we looked at all the outside booths surrounding the Big Tent, bought a few little items, and then went inside.


We didn’t last long, though, since there were so many people we were barely moving and it was impossible to stop and look at anything. We’ll go back in a couple days when the crowds die down just to be sure there’s nothing we can’t live without.

Luckily we are parked away from the crowds and have nice mountain views. If the weather holds, I think we’ll like it here.



  1. Love those Lazy Daze. We can't wait to get "the call" telling us we can go down and pick up our new baby!

    Thanks for the pictures and updates. Keep up the good work...follow your dream.

  2. Like you, after visiting Q for the big RV show about 4 years ago, we swore we'd never return because of the crowds. But, we went back the year after! We've skipped the past 2 years but it looks like we'll make a day trip over next week to check things out again.

  3. Jim and crowds do not mix...Surprised he lasted that long. J