Thursday, January 20, 2011

Senator Wash/Imperial Dam BLM Area, CA



Tuesday morning we picked up our mail, took a walk along the Colorado River in downtown Yuma, and filled the rig with gas and propane. From the casino it was only 19 miles northeast on SR-24 to the Senator Wash/ Imperial Dam Long Term BLM camping area, a pretty drive through lettuce and cabbage fields and date farms. The road unfortunately left a lot to be desired, causing all the kitchen drawers to open themselves up from the bouncing. It wasn’t the worst California road we’ve been on, but it was close.

We’ve camped in BLM areas before, but not in one of the LTVA’s (Long Term Visitor Area). This place is like a small city in itself. We stopped at the registration office to get a pass, and our choices were $40 for 14 days, or $180 for the season (April-October). We forked over $40, which allows you to camp in any of the other LTVA’s also. This area has 6 water and 4 dump stations, lots of trash dumpsters, and 2 bathrooms (with outside showers). Many BLM areas have no facilities at all, which is why they are free or minimal cost.

We like our privacy but sometimes don’t feel comfortable boondocking when there is no one else around. Not to worry here. We have plenty of company.

Senator Wash BLM Campground

Human and other. There are a couple herds of wild burros, who don’t seem very wild as they make their rounds to get fed. Our neighbor told us two coyotes usually walk up the wash in front of our rig at dusk but we haven’t seen them yet, although we’ve heard a lot of howling after dark.


They even have a newsletter, which talks about all the events going on, such as aerobics classes, desert golf, card games, remote control car racing, cookouts, sightseeing trips, etc.There is a Christian Center, where you can receive mail and packages, get propane, or visit the solar dealer, There is also a “liberry” and swap table at an old Airstream trailer. The whole place reminds us of an upscale Slab City.


It is a really pretty area around the Senator Wash Reservoir. There is more camping by the water, but it requires a different $75 pass, or $15/night.

Here are some photos from our walks around the reservoir, and the beautiful full moon.






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