Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Quartzsite and Moving On


Jim was feeling good enough on Tuesday afternoon to take another walk to the Big Tent. There were lots and lots of RVs as we got closer. We have to thank our Lazy Daze buddy Jerry for sharing the spot he and his non-Lazy Daze friends stay at every year, and thanks to Roger for keeping the fire going  We were far enough away from the main road to keep the dust away, and the mile or so walk to the vendors was good exercise.


Some people get a little carried away, erecting signs for their little “subdivisions” in the desert.


The crowds were much thinner under the Big Tent Tuesday compared to Saturday, but we didn’t find anything to buy, although there was a bit of everything for sale, much of it not related to RVs. We did speak to the Blue Ox Tow bar rep, and he was nice enough to give us a small replacement part that had broken.  

Yesterday Jim started having a little pain again, so he didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I ended up walking to the Tyson Wells flea market area to see what I could find. There are acres of vendors and lots of junk. I got Jim some socks and work gloves, and picked up a couple dollar kitchen items, but managed to get out of there without spending too much money.


Two other Lazy Daze came and joined our group yesterday afternoon and it was too bad that Jim didn’t feel like socializing much. Aside from him not feeling well and our trip to the ER, we had a great time with the group here in Quartzsite, and are really glad we came back. One of the LD owners, David, is a professional photographer who is doing a project on American Nomads, so he took our picture to add to his collection. Check out his photography and blogs here for more great photos.


Jim was feeling somewhat better today, so we moved on to the Phoenix area. He decided if he had another episode of severe pain, he wanted to be near the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. We arrived here safely this afternoon after a white knuckle drive for me through downtown Phoenix on I-10. He doesn’t let me drive very often, and I’ve been bugging him about it, so I got my  big chance today. i only scraped the right rear tire once on a curb, which didn’t make him very happy.

We got a lovely site at McDowell Mountain, a Maricopa county park near Fountain Hills where we spent a couple weeks last March. We forgot how pretty the desert is here, especially after Yuma and Quartzsite.

Site 60 january 2011

We even have a great view of the fountain, which is turned on daily from 3-4 in Fountain Hills.


It is a huge park, with lots of trails, and I went for a long bike ride this afternoon after dusting all the Quartzsite dirt off the LD and car. We will spend a few days here and then head on to Tucson, where Jim has an appointment with a gastroenterologist on Feb 1st, unless things change and he needs emergency care here. I’m hoping not!


  1. Glad to hear Jim is feeling a bit better and hope that continues.

    Your new desert site looks terrific - very nice views!

  2. Beautiful photos! I especially like the cactus pictures!


  3. Glad you all made it safely to your new site! Looks like a very nice one!
    Hope Jim continues to improve!