Friday, February 4, 2011

At Least It’s Been Sunny


The Phoenix area has been hit with a blast of arctic air, just like everywhere else. It’s been in the 20’s the past two nights, and barely got to 40 the past two days. Today it was into the low 50’s and is supposed to be 65 tomorrow, back to low to mid 70’s next week. We are just glad to be hooked up to power, as our two small electric heaters have gotten a real workout this week. The camp host came by and told us to leave the water dripping outside the last couple nights, and this is what we ended up with. Being in the shade, the ice still hasn’t melted.


Jim’s soreness from the surgery is gradually improving, and he has been good about bundling up and getting in his exercise walk every day. Yesterday we even hiked the 3 mile North Trail, a beautiful walk through an area with lots of desert vegetation.



Today we went back to the Mayo Clinic Hospital, since Jim decided he wanted to get a copy of his operative and pathology reports. He also wanted to see the clinic now that he was lucid and not drugged up from pain medication. While there we had lunch in the cafeteria, which is surprisingly inexpensive and very good for a hospital cafeteria. So now Jim wants to come back to Mayo for all his emergency surgeries. I’m hoping that was our first and last!


  1. Glad Jim is improving everyday. The pictures of the trail make we wish I was there. Love the view. Keep up the exercise before the weather turns too hot LOL!!

  2. Love your little stalagmites!