Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things Are Finally Looking Up



We are spending one last night at McDowell Mtn since we took Oreo back to the vet today for a recheck. He was a bit dehydrated and constipated, poor cat, so he got subcutaneous fluids and a laxative, and seems to be feeling a little better.

Jim is also doing much better. He hasn’t had any pain in a few days, other than what he gets from me, so he feels comfortable leaving Mayo Clinic country.

We rode our bikes on several trails the past couple days, and took a hike on the Bluffs trail. Also went to a birding class, which even Jim enjoyed. We saw this red tail hawk hunt a rodent and eat it in a tree by our site. We were too busy watching it through binoculars to get any pictures, but he finished off the whole thing, tail and all, in about 10 minutes.  We really do like the desert scenery and occasional wildlife sightings.


Saw this coyote on the bike trail.


Scenery from the Bluffs trail.



The white specks are the RVs in the campground.


Barring a major crisis this evening, tomorrow we will be on our way south to Picacho Peak State Park.


  1. Jim must almost be as good as new if he's bike riding. That's very good news.

    Awsome picture of the coyote, they never seem to stand still very long.

  2. Glad to hear everyone is doing better. Oreo reminds me so much of our George, they even have kidney problems in common! I hope we get to spend 16 years with her, too.

    Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. It certainly helps the healing processes.

  3. Great news that Jim is recovering so well.

    I liked that coyote shot too!