Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There’s No Place Like Home



Even if it’s a 30’ box on wheels in the desert.

Jim got discharged around noon on Sunday and was happy to get home. He didn’t get any sleep in the hospital and was really wasted. He finally got some rest and felt much better yesterday, although as expected he is still very sore, especially when he laughs, which he is trying not to do. The worst pain he had after surgery was in his right shoulder from the CO2 they pumped into the abdomen during surgery, but he’s only taken Aleve since he got home. He did manage to take a couple walks around the campground yesterday, his appetite is back, and he looked at email, so I think he’s on the mend.

Our good friend Debbie arrived here Sunday afternoon, and I’m happy to have her here to hang with while Jim is recuperating. We went for a couple hour hike yesterday and although it looked like rain all around us, it stayed away and we had a nice walk. It was the first time her new dog Elliot actually hiked on a trail, and aside from a few thorns in his paws, and an episode of eating horse poop, he did pretty good.

This is a beautiful, quiet park and a good place to recover





Jim appreciated all the emails, comments and calls related to his experience. It’s nice to be cared about.


  1. Glad to hear that everything turned out OK and that you are now on the mend. Take care and you will be hiking in no time

  2. Glad to hear Jim is on the mend. What beautiful photos you put up today. Looks like a place we would enjoy visiting. I see you have a Lazy Daze. 30'IB? How do you like full-timing in it?

  3. I am sooo glad Jim is home and doing so much better!! It is good that it is all behind him. What a beautiful place to recup....all I can say is wow!

  4. Holy cow! Please give Jim our best and let him know the Fowlers are relieved to hear he is doing well and on the road to griping again! Thanks to you Gayle for taking care of him so well. The Mayo rocks from what I have read.

    I am now in the process of figuring out how to get this contraption to alert me when there is a new post so we don't miss a thing, especially something like an ER visit.
    I am relieved all is well. Miss you guys. Keep it between the lines! the fowlerz