Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Luna Lake Campground, Alpine, AZ



On Monday we made a very scenic 120 mile drive from Silver City, NM to Alpine, AZ in the White Mountains. Luna Lake Campground is in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, just a few miles from Alpine. So far there are only a few other people here, but that will surely change on Friday when the weekenders arrive. We found a double site with few trees so we could get good sun for the solar panels and ourselves. At 8,000’ feet, it’s been in the 30s the past two nights, low 70s during the day, so it’s nice to get some sunshine. Most of the sites are surrounded by tall pines and very shady. Only a few have limited views of the lake through the trees.

Luna Lake


We drove around the area looking for a good spot to boondock for the next week but didn’t find anything suitable that had a Verizon signal. We don’t mind not having an internet connection for a couple days, but a week is bit too long! We are happy with our sites in the campground, though, and for $6/night with the senior pass there is drinking water, vault toilets, and trash dumpsters. No dump station, though.

On the first day we drove into Alpine and found this elk in a yard right in town. Haven’t seen anything around the campground or on the nearby trails.


There’s about 12 miles of hiking and biking trails from the campground, so yesterday we decided to check out the shorter loop. Took a wrong turn, as we so often do, and our 3 mile hike turned into about 5 miles.


We have a huge backyard at our site, so we’ve taken the cats out on their leashes a couple times. They are slowly doing better, but I don’t think they will ever really “go for a walk”.

Here is Sophie giving me the evil eye for going outside without her.



  1. We have had Bella on a leash since she was a kitten. A little advice...cats walk don't walk a cat. Lol

  2. That's so funny - Sophie looks like the CAT version of Angry Birds. :)

    Your site is beautiful. Nice place to be over the holiday weekend.

  3. Paul and Marsha are right--cats walk you. You are on their leash and go where they want to go--until you pick them up and go home.

  4. The temps sound like heaven!! We have been very warm for a week now. I am a 60's and low 70's girl.

    I had to laugh at your hike. We so do this all the time!! Looks like a great hiking area.

    Keep those kitties practicing. Totally agree with Marsha!!

  5. I'm interest in the Alpine area. Hope you report on more of it, especially the boondocking opportunities. It seems like a decent elevation for the summer.