Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Week in Yuma



Since nobody seems to care how long we stay, we’re still hanging out at Mittry Lake. Chuck and Carla left a few days ago, but were replaced by Chris and Laurelee, so we’re up to five Lazy Daze again. It’s been a great time, and since we’ve all had things to do in Yuma and Algodones, someone is always around to keep an eye on everyone’s stuff. We like our Lazy Daze community!


We got our sofa cushions back so our house is put together again. We’re really pleased with the job that Action Awnings and Upholstery Center did, and would recommend them to anyone in Yuma who needs furniture recovered. It looks much better in real life than in these photos.


We are keeping the back of the couch covered since the cats like to hang out there watching birds, but the microfiber fabric we selected is pretty impervious to cat claws. We had a similar fabric on our old sofa and love seat in our house and it was never ruined by cats, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.


We’ve been staying busy visiting the big flea market, Arizona Marketplace, a couple times, frequenting the local produce stands, checking out Yuma River Daze, and even found a great place for pizza and beer, Da Boyz Italian Cuisine on historic downtown Main St. A couple days ago Jimbo, Debbie and I got brave and all went for haircuts at the Yuma School of Beauty. $7.00 for a wash and cut and they did a great job. Sorry, no before and after photos.

One day Jimbo brought out his inflatable kayak. We were all interested to see how difficult it is to get set up and ready to go, since it would be a nice thing to have when staying near a lake. I think we decided it’s more trouble than it’s worth, but fun nonetheless.




And of course we’ve been hiking and biking as usual. Rode to Laguna and Imperial Dams one day, and explored some Jeep roads along the irrigation canals yesterday. There are supposed to be single track trails in the area but we are having a hard enough time on the roads since they are rough, rocky, and have lots of hills. Still a fun way to get some exercise.



One day we hiked up to this reflector. Not sure what it is for, sonar, radar??


Anyway, it was full of bullet holes and graffiti. We weren’t surprised.


Since it’s at one of the highest points near Mittry Lake, it affords some nice views.



Jim, Chris and I took another hike in the direction of our bungled hike a couple weeks ago. This time we had the sense to turn back when we realized we weren’t sure how to make a loop of it. Besides, it was late afternoon and the last thing we wanted was to be out there with the sun going down.




And finally, Sophie, our great escape artist. As if she wasn’t already a big enough pain in the butt!




Most of our days here have ended like this, watching the sunset while sitting out with friends. Can’t complain! We’ll definitely return to Yuma.




  1. That's the kind of Escape Artist behavior I dread if I ever start walking ny kitty outside on a leash. She's currently an indoor cat with no aspirations for escapehood, but I know she's plenty smart enough to figure out stuff like Sophie does if given motivation. Best to leave things as they are. ;)

  2. Gorgeous sunsets, great trails & good friends! You may never leave! Love the newly upholstered sofa!

  3. Beautiful sunset photos! I have a Sea Eagle 385 and just love being able to fold it up and put it inside my car to head home. It only takes me five minutes to get it inflated and even faster than that to deflate it. It has its purposes for some kayakers….But we ARE eyeing a hard shell as well… :-)

  4. OMG - Sophie is so funny - great photos of the escape! Pretty smart cookie.

    I love your couch cushions - are you going to post how much the chairs being recovered and the couch cost you? If you want to keep that private, just ignore this paragraph. :)

    1. Hi Barbara, with tax we paid $1100, approx. $350 per chair and $400 for the sofa. Could have been done for less but we chose a higher priced fabric and they replaced all the foam in the chairs. We are very pleased! We almost bought a couple of nice office chairs when we were in Phoenix and they were almost $400 each but we weren't crazy about any of the fabrics. Glad we decided to reupholster.

  5. The sofa looks beautiful and very comfy!

    I went to the beauty school in Mission. I got a color and cut. It cost about $25.00 but took all day to get it done. The teacher had to check everything the girl was doing about 20 times. I like the price but not how long it took.

    I won't show Bella this blog. I don't want her to get any ideas from Sophie. What a hoot!

  6. I can't believe the chollas are already blooming. They're always last in Tucson.
    Love the pictures of Sophie's great escape.

  7. LOL at Sophie. I know it isn't safe for her but what a smart cat. I love your sofa cover. Really nice pattern. Great pictures of the sea eagle. We love having kayaks and actually have a sea eagle but mostly use our hard sided ones. If we were always in the west, I'm not sure we would have them. But I'm such a water baby I don't think I could stay out west as long as you have. But visits are definitely on my agenda. I've gotta experience those sunsets again.

  8. She's a smart cat. Now, are you smarter? Can you find ways to stop the escapes? Love the sunsets. And the re-upholstery jobs look great.

  9. I love that you caught Sophie in the act! Pretty cute photos...but how will you solve the problem?!?!? Good to know that fabric is impervious to cat claws. Will keep that in mind for our next furniture purchases.

    I have used beauty schools before with mixed results. One place in San Diego has taken TWO HOURS to cut my hair! I was really happy with my $5 haircut in Los Algodones and wish I was close enough to go back!

    Love the cactus flowers! Spring is definitely in the air despite the calendar!

    1. Yes, it does take longer to get a haircut at a beauty school, but they've always done a fine job. I almost got mine cut while waiting for the lab to finish my crowns in Algodones but was afraid I wouldn't be able to explain what I wanted. Maybe next year!

  10. More wonderful days in the beautiful desert:) Love those cactus blooms!

    We have the new Sea Eagle kayak which is more like a real kayak than the one on your photo. We sit more on the top not down inside as deep. It blows up real fast. The pain is drying it to put it away. Yes, hard shells would be so much easier but since we don't want to give up our Jeep roof, this is the next best way to have a kayak.

    Enjoy your new company!

  11. Nice to get a good recommendation for upholstery in Yuma, as we'll be heading back in that direction for Algodones & dentist. Our rig will soon be due for a makeover!