Friday, February 7, 2014

Hanging Around Mittry Lake and Yuma



Can’t say exactly what we’ve been doing but the days are sure flying by. We moved campsites a few days ago to a spot away from the road dust and a different view. We were joined by Jimbo and our favorite chihuahua Chica.



She is fascinated by our cats, barking at them and following them around. Elvis is trying to ignore her but she scares him even though she’s half his size.


Always room for another Lazy Daze.


We’ve done several hikes in our backyard. Here are some photos from our last hike with John and Susan before they left earlier in the week.





We came across several rock paintings, but not sure of their significance.




On Monday we drove the RV to get some propane and stopped at Action Upholstery in Yuma to get an estimate for our chairs. We decided to let them do the job, picked out what we hope will be cat-proof material, and left the chairs. When we pick them up next week we will leave the sofa cushions to have them recovered also. So in keeping with being trailer trash, we are using our new Coleman Patio Sling chairs for indoor seating, which means carrying them outside for happy hour. Luckily they are pretty comfortable for folding chairs.

After hiking on slippery slopes in Quartzsite, Jimbo decided to buy some hiking poles. We took him on a little hike to try them out, and found some interesting rock cairns in the middle of nowhere.





Yesterday Jimbo accompanied Debbie and me to Algodones for some more dental work. It turned out to be a many hour affair, but I only have one more appointment next week and am satisfied with the work so far. We ran into Chris, another Lazy Daze owner we met in Quartzsite, who is also frequenting a Mexican dentist.

The other day we finally took a longer bike ride (other than the half mile to the dumpster) and came across Laguna Dam, finished in 1909 and the oldest of nine dams along the Colorado River within Arizona. We haven’t found any trails to ride the bikes on, since the ones we’ve hiked have been too steep and rocky for our biking skills, but there are miles of dirt roads to explore.




After I got back from Mexico we took the Lazy Daze 7 miles down the road to Laguna RV Park, where they charge $10 to dump and $5 for water. Since our site is free we don’t mind paying for a convenient dump and water.

I almost forgot to mention the inexpensive and wonderful fresh produce we picked up at a local stand. Yuma is definitely growing on us.



  1. I told you guys Yuma had a lot to do! Check out the farmers market on Saturday down by the Dillards. They have some really good prices on local fruit, vegetables and dates.

  2. In fairness to Yuma, our previous two visits were spent in a casino parking lot, not the most inviting place to stay no matter what town you're in. Also after two winters in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas we are happy to be surrounded by mountains again. Here at Mittry Lake we have the best of both worlds, a scenic natural setting, and an easy 15 mile drive to town. We will definitely check out the farmer's market. Hope you're having fun in LH!

  3. Oh gee whiz, I see you've fallen in love and moved in…dental appointments, upholstery upgrades, water views, cheap produce, free camping, hiking, biking, Lazy Dazer's, cool rocks. farmer's markets... Forget that phone message, Death Valley can't compete with Yuma…
    Box Canyon

    1. Sorry Mark, the phone was off. Will try you later. Death Valley sounds nice but we have too much going on. You guys should join us and Boonie here in Yuma. You might be surprised!

  4. It's great the way you Lazy Daze guys are like a little family gathering together. Love those rock cairns. The dams altering the flow of the poor Colorado, not so much.

  5. Those blue desert skies look so inviting. I think we'll bid farewell to TX and return to AZ. We have yet to experience Yuma....may have to consider!

  6. Great pictures. After spending two days recovering just the armrests on a chair, I say let somebody else do it!

  7. I am so anxious to return west that I can hardly stand myself! I love everything about the desert (except the blowing dust). I see the prickly pear are blooming, how pretty. Each of your water visits had a different color, another thing to love. We really didn't give Yuma a change to show us all it had to offer last year. We were only there two days just to boondock and chill. Next winter for sure we will spend more time. Thanks for lots of beautiful scenery photos:)

    1. I hate to even say it but we haven't had any blowing dust this year so far. We keep waiting for the shoe to drop! After our first winter out west we almost didn't come back because of the wind and dust, but grew accustomed to it and realized it was the price we had to pay for low humidity and no bugs. Too bad you've missed a really nice winter out west. But Florida has a lot going for it, too!

    2. We've been watching the beautiful weather out west this winter. The east hasn't been great. Tons of clouds, wind, and cool temps. It's been that way since Nov. Our FL time in the sun has been very limited. Not at all like our previous two visits. Oh, well, we will be enjoying whatever the west has next winter:)

  8. These last few weeks of gloom and doom weather here around Corpus Christi has gotten me ready for some clear if cold weather for next year. I think I will winter elsewhere next year.

  9. The nomadic LD tribe and rig upgrades. I love it! Eager to hear how the new upholstery turned out. They could get a lot more LD business next winter, if you like the result.