Sunday, February 16, 2014

So Far So Good


We picked up our reupholstered chairs from Action Awning and Upholstery on Friday. They turned out even better than we expected, with new, extremely comfortable foam. And they look so nice it’s hard to believe they are the same chairs.



We dropped off the sofa cushions, too, which should be ready sometime next week. While we had the old chairs out, we decided it was time to dispose of the throw rugs covering the carpet and try to clean it up. When we bought the rig, the previous owners had nice carpet runners in the living room and bedroom. Unfortunately they put double sided carpet tape on to help keep them in place. We left them there and in the Florida heat the tape stuck to the carpet. We’ve tried to get it off in the past, but just decided it was easier to keep rugs over the black, sticky areas. Jim bought some Goof Off spray the other day, and lo and behold, it took off the residue. So we are now just going to walk on the original carpet, with no more rugs to slide around. When it gets worn and dirty we’d like to replace it with something other than carpet, but that will be down the road somewhere.

The carpet actually looked pretty good once we got the sticky goop off it.


Yesterday I had my last appointment in Algodones to get my two permanent crowns. Dr. Eva Urena did an excellent job matching the color of my real teeth, and the new crowns fit and feel great. So glad that is over!


Otherwise we’ve just been enjoying hanging out with Chuck and CarlaJimbo and Chica, and Debbie and the crazy dogs, taking some easy hikes and bike rides before the heat of the day sets in. Hard to believe we’ve had temps up to 90 the past couple days. It cools off nicely once the sun starts going down and stays cool until late morning, so it isn’t too bad. Besides, we prefer to be too warm rather than too cold.

We’ve had lots of hummingbirds at our feeders, and Sophie has decided she likes sitting on the running board so she can keep an eye out on them. A couple times she’s leaped up to try and catch one, but I keep her on a short leash so she hasn’t been successful.


Chica really wants to play, but Sophie just looks at her like she’s crazy.


Sophie figured out how to open the screen door yesterday. We were all sitting around outside, and there walks Sophie. Jim thought he didn’t latch the door all the way shut, but after I put her back inside, she was out again a few minutes later. Wish she was a bit less intelligent, like her simpleton brother Elvis.

Scenes from Mittry Lake.

Yuma, AZ Mittry Lake2

We had some excitement last night when several trucks pulled up behind us along the canal, with a man and woman jumping out screaming obscenities at each other. Debbie could see the woman hitting the guy, but he didn’t strike back, other than verbally. Jim decided to call the police just in case, who arrived after everyone quieted down. They assured him all was well, and were fairly quiet around a big campfire after he left. We heard them leave some time in the night, and this morning the fire is still smoldering with all kinds of trash remaining.

You never know what might happen on public lands, but we have been fortunate that this isn’t a real common occurrence. For being such a popular place, it’s actually been relatively quiet around here. But with tomorrow being a holiday, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for tonight.



  1. Your smile is looking fine! Very happy you had a good experience with Dr.Urena! I'm loving your pics of Mittry Lake and all the hiking around there. Looks intriguing.

    1. Four of us here have had work done by Dr. Eva and everyone had a great experience. Thanks for the recommendation!
      We would definitely come back to Mittry Lake when visiting Yuma. It's not the place for solitary, remote boondocking, but it's an easy drive to town, and we like the ability to hike and bike from camp. Plus it's very scenic!

  2. Great looking teeth, and a nice picture as well. I did not know that this was a holiday weekend until I read your post; unstuck in time again.... Those shaggy palm trees are very attractive. This part of Yuma looks much better than the parks.

  3. I bet the kitties can't wait to get their paws on those new chairs!

    Is that guy in the white 5th wheel who burns garbage and showers outside still squatting in that spot up and off to the side?

  4. Actually, we picked a fabric that, in our past experience, they might not show an interest in and so far they haven't.

    As to the guy in the 5th wheel yes he is.


    1. I hope he leaves by next December. I like that spot.

  5. The chairs look super!

    Great smile, Gayle.

    We will have to add a few adjectives to Sophie's name....the Great Escape Artist.

  6. I like the look of the chairs. If we ever have to replace the carpet, we'll get hard floors too. Wish they came that way. Carpet is just too hard to keep clean.

  7. I have to agree, the chairs look great and so does your smile. I'm sold on that Mexican dentist. Although I hope I don't need any dental work done soon since I'm still in Florida! HA! As for Sophie, she's intelligent, clever and brave. She'll keep you on your toes. :-) Poor Elvis, a simpleton. But sweet right?

  8. Your pearly whites are looking good. Like the chair redo too. 90s seems a bit on the warm side for my taste.

  9. Gosh, those chairs look fantastic! And your smile too.

  10. Your teeth look great--Dr. Eva's been having a busy winter season!

  11. The chairs look great! How wonderful you were able to recover instead of replace! Fingers crossed the kitties stay clear of least for a while. ;-)

    That Sophie is one smart girl! Rosie opened our screen once but that only seemed to happen because the little slider piece was open. She hasn't figured out how to do it otherwise, thank goodness!

  12. Chairs look great! Don't you just love new foam. We had new cushions made for our dinette and we couldn't believe how wonderful new foam felt.

    Beautiful new dental work:)

  13. Your chairs and carpet look super nice! I'd love to re-do my upholstery and valences - they are green or they have palm trees on them. Green is not my favorite color, and I'd like a more neutral color throughout. But - not this year, and actually probably never. They are in good shape and I don't want to spend money on something that still has years left. They also don't show the dirt, which is really nice considering where I live.

    Your crowns look great - I can't tell which ones are crowns, and all your teeth are perfect. That dentist sure does a good job. :)