Saturday, February 1, 2014

Telegraph Pass Trail



Probably the most popular hike in Yuma, and arranged by our (in)famous buddy Boonie (Occupation of Independence), we converged on the I-8 frontage road parking area for a group hike and a little cardiovascular workout up the Telegraph Pass trail. Joining us was world famous blogger Glenn (To Simplify), along with Ted (Life With Kurumi), and non-blogger Debbie.

We were impressed with Glenn’s restoration of his old Vanagon. He did an excellent job, but I still can’t imagine living in something that small.



The trail starts out easy enough for the first mile or so, a gradual climb towards the mountains. After coming to a gate with no trespassing signs, which everyone seems to ignore, the trail turns into an old, broken paved road up to the communications towers.


That’s me there with Glenn and Ted. Jim was on a mission to get to the top, so he was far ahead of the pack. Debbie and Boonie were farther back talking to John and Susan, who did an earlier hike and passed us on their way back down.



It was a good workout to the top, but with the interesting rocks, scenery, and conversations, it didn’t seem too bad.

Yuma, AZ Mittry Lake1

We ended up walking all the way to the last of the towers to see the view from the other side. Yuma County is the winter lettuce capital of the world, supplying 90% of the nation’s leafy vegetables between November and March.


The trail almost seemed steeper going back down. I read that it averages a 24% grade, even rising to 30 at the steepest point.

Glenn and Boonie giving us an idea of how steep the trail is. Coffee Girl, with four legs, had no trouble walking up or down.



We enjoyed everyone’s company on the 5 mile round trip hike, and it was nice to meet Glenn and Ted. Hooking up with other wanderers has been one of the main benefits of blogging, I think. And not having done a big climb in awhile our legs are definitely feeling it today!


  1. It was fun, though a bit longer and steeper than I was expecting. ;)

  2. There's a pair of hiker/bloggers in southwestern Colorado who might have left this hike with some grudging respect for Yuma. (grin)

  3. Geez, your hikes look painful!!! That's really steep. Love Glen's plates - his van looks great. :)

  4. If you are in Yuma in the first week of March, go to the lettuce festival. We were there in 2010. It was a lot of fun. Everything and anything you can think of lettuce related. What a hoot.

  5. Boy, that looks long and steep, It would have taken me all day. Beautiful view at the top.

  6. We did that one last year...That was one steep trail!

  7. Wishing we were in Yuma now. The weather in south Texas this winter just has not been ideal. I think we'll wander back to the desert a little quicker than originally planned. Looks like a great hike, fun company, and an awesome time :-)

  8. Cardiovascular Workout" at Sea Level is an oxymoron…just say'in.
    Box Canyon Mark :0

  9. What a great hike! That path looks like it was a bugger going down.

    How cool to meet up with Glenn and see his new van! Way too small for me.

    Those green fields are pretty against the beautiful mountains. Fresh lettuce...yum!

  10. Sounds like an excellent time with interesting friends. Not sure which I'd like more on such a grade the up or the down. Down seems harder to my knees but up is harder to my lungs. We've been experiencing the Florida bugs for the first winter in three. Not so much fun. Too much rain here and too warm. Need to head north toward Tampa. Probably should just head to Yuma, it seems nicer.

  11. When we did that hike (well, most of it anyway) I thought it was a killer. Congrats on making it all the way to the top. Hope the legs/knees/shins were feeling well the next day.