Sunday, February 9, 2014

Solar Panels On The Move



This is a project Jim has been thinking about doing for a long time now, and he finally got inspired by seeing the number of rigs in Quartzsite with tilting solar panels. The two adjacent panels above were installed by the Lazy Daze factory when the original owners ordered it. It’s not really the optimal panel placement, and at certain times of the day if we open the vent cover to use the Fantastic Fan in the living room, it casts a shadow over the nearest panel.

Jim looked for tilt kits in Quartzsite but wasn’t happy with the prices or the way they attached, so he kept looking when we got to Yuma. He finally found some that he liked at Starlight Solar and decided to give it a try. It wouldn’t have been such a difficult project if not for the fact that he also intended to move two of the panels so they are all on the same side, which is probably even more important than having the ability to lift them.

Getting the old panels up took some elbow grease, and it took even more to clean the roof underneath them after all these years.


Jimbo supervising.


A clean roof with both panels moved and all lined up in a row. He attached them with screws, 3M VHB tape, and Dicor. Not sure if we will tilt them in the way we’re positioned here, but at least we now have that option.


Yesterday David and Nola, another full time Lazy Daze couple, showed up unexpectedly. And we think our Iowa Lazy Daze friends Chuck and Carla will be here later today. It’s a beautiful morning and we have another group hike in store for today. Our time in Yuma has turned out to be busier and more social than we ever planned.



  1. I agree that moving the panels is probably as important as tilting them. I don't plan to tilt my panels during the summer because I always have enough sun to last me and I move every week or two in NM State Parks, and during the winter - if I'm at Q - I will probably only have to tilt/untilt them once. I'm really happy I tilted mine, and I'm looking forward to your future posts letting us know your results. It looks like you have the kind of tilt package that Brian wanted me to get, but they weren't available in Q. Yours are easier to tile and untilt than the ones I had to get.

  2. I learned from my first install. Now the latest solar changes put that learning into action. Put my panels as close to the edge of the rig as I could to absolutely minimize the shadows from other junk on the roof like the AC and vent covers. And yes it did make a difference in total output.

  3. I"m lusting after your solar panels. And now that they tilt, even more. How nice to be able to go anywhere you want and not have to worry that your laptop or phone is going to die. And even be able to turn your lights on for a bit after dark. Sigh.......................

  4. Wow...fantastic job Jim! Can't even image attempting that job.

  5. Nice to see the panels on the roof. Good job of repositioning them too. I'll be getting solar installed this summer, so I appreciate seeing your setup.

  6. Looks like the panels will be more efficient all lined up. Must have been job cleaning that roof. Looks good!

    Sometimes this life can get a little too social. But sure is fun once in awhile. Enjoy!!

  7. Nice job, Jim. Now I have a template If I ever decide to move and add tilt hardware to my 3, 85w panels.