Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Reservoir One Night Stand



After a 135 mile drive yesterday we are back in Idaho for one night at Juniper Campground on Ririe Reservoir about 20 miles from Idaho Falls. Full hookups are only $18/night or $16 with the senior pass. We considered spending the night at Walmart in Idaho Falls but the temperatures were predicted to be in the mid 80s so some AC sounded nice. As it turned out we saw this beautiful site with no hookups overlooking the water and with the breeze it didn’t get too hot. Plus it was only $10. We just couldn’t resist.


While researching this area I thought the campground sounded and looked familiar but there was no record of it in our blog and no photos. When we drove in Jim remembered it immediately and then when he entered the check in Money yesterday he found we made out a check for $18 to the same park in June 2009. I guess I wasn’t keeping track of things as well back then, and we don’t keep a written journal other than the blog. So for those folks who think blogging is just posting pretty photos of places we’ve been, this is the real reason we do it.

Debbie picked a hookup site in another loop, but all of the sites are quite nice although some are not very level. They have good bathrooms and showers, too.


After getting situated Debbie and I went into town for a few things while Jim stayed home and cleaned bugs off the Lazy Daze and also cleaned the solar panels. We’ll be glad to get back in the southwest for the winter where the bugs aren’t such a problem.

It was the second night in a row we’ve been able to sit outside and enjoy the scenery without bundling up. Although we’ve been doing this for almost six years now, on days like these I still can’t believe we are fortunate enough to live this lifestyle.



Okay, Sophie, you can come out now.


Today we move on to the Tetons where we plan to stay put for awhile. Has anyone crossed Teton Pass with their RV? I almost made the mistake of routing us that way but noticed the pass on the map. 8,400’ with 10% grades for 5 miles on both sides. Think we will take the longer route which only adds about 20 miles but reduces the stress considerably.


  1. Oh, wow, what a gorgeous campsite! I'm not sure I could have left that spot after only one night. Sophie looks like her feet are pretty firmly planted there. haha!! I would love to know how you find these reservoir sites. Wow, 10% grades make my mouth dry just reading that. Thank goodness for resource guides like the Mountain Directory!

  2. We stayed there last year and found that it was a nice campground and even had a disc golf course. Have fun in the Tetons!

  3. Beautiful site! I know another one near Jackson with your names on it!

  4. I can see why you chose to stay with no hookups:) The sunset in the window is beautiful with a very cute kitty:)

    Oh, yes, we are so ready to get rid of the bugs!!!

  5. We're spending our one night stand in an interstate rest area. I'm pretty envious of this great site of yours. Love the picture of Sophie and the sunset in the window. Really an excellent one!! Calendar worthy IMO.

  6. I'm loving these reservoir sites! The trees in the one photo look like they get a lot of wind there, but the sunsets are sure lovely :-) I'm with you on the extra miles to "go 'round"....