Monday, September 29, 2014

Utah Lake State Park, Provo, UT



With another day of rain predicted for the Park City area, we took advantage of a break in the thunderstorms yesterday to hook up and drive a short 42 miles to Utah Lake State Park in Provo, where we also stayed in June 2009. There were only a few people there so we had our choice of sites and chose one with a nice view of the lake and mountains.



This was our second driving day since we replaced the cruise control part, and it seems that was the solution to the problem, since it is now working flawlessly every time. Having the cruise functioning properly, and with the recent brake light fix in Spokane, Jim commented that this is the first time in several years where everything we have is actually working the way it should. That probably means something else will go wrong soon.

After we set up yesterday we hopped on our bikes and took a 12 mile ride on the Provo River Parkway, just across from the state park. It’s a really nice trail along the river and we didn’t have to cross a single street.


They built these strange low, narrow underpasses, which can be a bit dangerous if you’re not careful.


We had an incident with a skateboarder who nearly ran us down and soaked us with water as he flew through a big puddle in one of these tunnels, barely missing us. We both stopped and reflexively screamed profanities at him, which will probably be on YouTube since his friend was at the other end with his phone recording it. Kids these days!


Got back just in time to take the cats out while the thunderstorm skirted around us. Sophie freaked when it started raining and ran for the door. She’s not as tough as she likes to pretend.


After the storm.


There are still some thunderstorms in the area but we’re hoping to get in a hike and some leaf peeping today. We forgot how pretty it is in this part of Utah.


  1. Our friends are in your neck if the woods. There are tons of gorgeous hikes there.

    Also, I saw the Youtube video. They had it on the Today Show this morning. Only kidding.

  2. I encountered a few bicycle underpasses like that, maybe not all of them quite as narrow, when I lived in Orange County, CA. The major problem in the summer was congestion due to people stopping in the shade. Sometimes my recumbent seemed a tight fit when others raced through two abreast, too.

    Cats and water... well, that's a totally normal reaction for Sophie. ;)

    1. Didn't know you were a former recumbent rider, too. We miss ours!
      Elvis loves water and plays in it. The rain didn't seem to bother him a bit, in fact he did NOT want to come in.

  3. Hope you taught that annoying kid some new words.

    Your new home looks great! Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong for a while. (Crossing them doesn't really work for me .... but maybe it will for you).

  4. Guess we should have waved as we went right past Provo yesterday. :)

  5. Love the bike path. I'll watch for you on YouTube.

  6. Love campgrounds where the hikes and bikes do not require a car. I don't know where the self centeredness comes from. But kids sure are. No one has taught them any manners or respect. Are we the generation that quit on that important stuff?? Glan no one was hurt. I don't watch Utube or Today so I won't be able to report on whether you are there or not.

  7. Good day folks! We love that whole area, Salt Lake, Park City, Provo. I'm think'n your traveling with Aluminarium. They posted regarding Jordenelle as well. Did I read that your hooking up with Box Canyon, et al, in Arches or somewhere? Safe traveling, O,K.?

    Ed @ Chasing Sunrises and Sunsets

    1. Aluminarium is right behind us. We didn't know they were coming to Jordanelle, thought they were going to SLC.
      Yes, we're meeting up with the Box Canyon bunch in a few days. Looking forward to it!

    2. Jim & Gayle are warming up our spot at Utah Lake. First class service. :)

  8. Never EVER say everything is fixed. The universe will hear you and send you some sort of RV badness. We're still in Pueblo West with the RV rocking from side to side as T-storms go rolling through. We're from Seattle, we're not used to such active weather.

  9. Your timing is great! We are just planning our route from Missoula to Great Basin. John was looking at staying in Spanish Fork which is just south of where you are. I looked at the park and it looks nice. I was thinking we could do the weekend instead of just a overnight. The bike ride looks good. Now get out there and check out the hiking for me:) Hope you stay rain free. Raining here a little in Missoula.

  10. What a pretty park, we just drove past Provo last time we were through that area. The leaves aren't changing yet in Ashland, OR...hoping for some of that as we head down 395 soon...

  11. Looks great - even with the excitement of the hoodlums :-) Always nice when things are all running and humming along right - it usually lasts longer than we remember!