Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jordanelle State Park, Park City, UT



Looking ahead at the weather in Grand Teton National Park, with rain and colder temperatures approaching, we decided to begin moving south on Friday. Debbie’s brother is in Dubois to hunt so she is hanging out a few more days to visit with him.

We don’t usually drive 265 miles in a day, but we knew the storm was approaching and wanted to be somewhere on pavement and with electric. We stayed at Jordanelle State Park near Park City, Utah in June 2009 and remembered it being a nice park, although it rained most of the time.

Leaving Gros Ventre campground we saw the usual morning gathering of photographers looking for moose down by the river.


At one point along the way while I was driving, four deer ran out across the highway, then less than a mile down the road a bunch of cattle crossed in front of us. Sure did make me nervous!


We arrived around 3 on Friday hoping there wouldn’t be a problem getting a site, and had six to choose from. Ended up with a nice view of the reservoir in a water and electric site for $25/night. There was also one site with sewer for $28 we could have had. The bathrooms and showers are really nice, but the shower heads can’t be adjusted and the pressure was so strong I felt like I got a concussion trying to wash my hair. Also they are the push button type where the water temperature is pre-set but luckily it was plenty hot.

We managed to get in a walk before the rain started. Jordanelle Reservoir and dam.



This was a new one on us, the hula hooping pedestrian crossing?


It rained buckets all day yesterday so we went to Park City to do some shopping and eat lunch at Freebirds World Burrito, our favorite fast food restaurant. It’s been a long time since we’ve eaten at one and it was as good as we remembered.

While looking back at photos from our first time at Jordanelle, it brought back memories of our favorite cat of all time, Oreo. We were never successful at leash training him in his old age, but he sure did enjoy sitting outside in a chair or laying on picnic tables. We miss that little guy.

Jordanelle State Park, Park City, UT


  1. Nice country there. Some time viewing areas like that would be very welcome. I am heading a bit more north tomorrow into north Tx area. It is still pretty warm here in Jacksboro.

  2. Raining hard here, too. It's ok, tho, we needed a break from hiking with Ms Autumn. That gal and Bobbie can wear a guy out :))

  3. The shower concussion and hoola-hoop crossing have me literally laughing out loud. Laughing at that sign would have me in more danger of an accident than the four deer!

    "...we decided to begin moving south" :::sigh:::

  4. Did you ever figure out what the sign means? I have never seen that one before.

    What a cutie that little guy is.

    1. I put a link to the explanation. Just click on the highlighted "hula hoop pedestrian crossing"

  5. Boy that looks like a terrific site. Always nice to go back to a place you liked the first time around and find it as good or better.

  6. Seems we are all running to have a good place to sit out the rain:) Looks like a great park with beautiful views.

    Oreo was a cutie:)

  7. I'm surprised with all your travels you have not run into more deer on the roads. I've hit them twice, once doing about $700 damage to the front end (replacement parts I installed myself). The deer always lived and ran off into the woods.


  8. I have never heard of that burrito place, better keep a look out for it! Oreo looks like a sweetie!