Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Couple of Busy Days


Jim was discharged from the hospital yesterday after spending a mostly sleepless night, although they did finally get him into a private room at 10:30 Thursday evening. The doctor saw him early yesterday morning but it took several hours before he was discharged. We were hungry and stopped for lunch on the way home, then had to pick up his prescription for Xarelto, one of those newer anticoagulants that is better than warfarin since you don’t have any dietary restrictions and don’t have to get monthly blood tests. It has one drawback, though, no reversal if you have serious bleeding. But not going to worry about that right now.

When we got back to Government Wash Debbie had just pulled in, stopping for a night on her way to Prescott. And another Airstream with new fulltimers Jim and Denise had just set up camp. Debbie and I took her dogs for a walk while Jim took a nap, and shortly after we got a phone call from Kelly, our former Pensacola neighbor who we visited last year while they were living in Vegas. He’s a Southwest pilot, had an unplanned overnight layover in Vegas, and just happened to see the blog about Jim being in the hospital. So he drove his rental car to Lake Mead and joined us for happy hour, along with Brian and Leigh (and Curtis), Debbie, and Jim and Denise. We laughed a lot, which was definitely the best medicine after a couple of very stressful days.


Almost forgot,  just before happy hour Sophie escaped out the door, ran down an embankment into a wash, and chased a coyote. I went running and screaming after her, throwing rocks to try to scare her back or scare the coyote off. She finally quit running and I coaxed her to me. Oh, how I hate that little girl sometimes.

After a good nights sleep, this morning we decided to just drive the 300 miles to McDowell Mountain Park in Fountain Hills, a week earlier than planned. The ER doctor wants Jim to see his primary care doctor or hematologist next week. He put a call in to the Mayo Clinic yesterday but didn’t hear back so hopefully someone can see him in spite of the Thanksgiving holiday. We shared the driving and stopped often for Jim to walk around and stretch his legs. Got here around four and got a great site until Thanksgiving Day, when we will have to move to overflow unless there are cancellations.


 Jim out walking Sophie in our new backyard.


Thanks so much to all our friends and blog readers who have commented or sent emails. We really appreciate everyone’s support and concern.


  1. After these rough days you deserve and need to just hangout in the desert. May you both be well and see this through with ease.

  2. So glad to hear Jim is doing well. It probably feels better being closer to a great medical facility. Hopefully someone will see Jim real soon. Laughter and good friends is the best medicine, isn't it:) Glad you had lots of support around.

    Darn that Sophie! She is so lucky that coyote didn't turn on her and carry her off.

    Take care and please keep us updated. Thinking of the two of you:)

  3. Enjoy your restful down time...McDowell seems like a great place to relax. That Sophie is amazing! What a badass she is! Wishing Jim rest and recovery time.

  4. Rincon Country West RV Resort is almost empty. We're 2.5 hours south of you if you need a place to over winter for Thanksgiving. We'll be going out for Indian food T-day and would love the company.

  5. Glad Jim is out of the hospital and on the right meds. It is a good idea to see his doctor as soon as possible.

    That Sophie is a dickens sometimes, but why doesn't she pick on something her own size? lol

  6. Let us know if we can do anything to help. Glad he's out of the hospital anyway.

  7. Glad Jim survived the hospital after all - I suspected he might :-) Sleep and laughter - like a magic elixir for most of what ails us - and of course all the groovy new drugs help too! I was laughing out loud at Sophie chasing the coyote, with you chasing Sophie (figuring it must have a happy ending). You really need a spa day, or three, to decompress from all the "excitement" of your family :-)

  8. That's so scarey - I'm glad Jim did go to the hospital and is now doing well. Good thing you insisted. We will all be happy when he sees his own doctors at Mayo Clinic. Do the doctors know the extent of the hiking he does? I'd think that would be positive, but maybe not?

    I love how you say you hate that little girl sometimes - after chasing her and the coyote and throwing rocks. You all take it easy and enjoy your stay in that nice site. :)

  9. Glad to hear Jim's been sprung and you were able to make it down to Phoenix o.k (and nice that you also got to see Debbie one more time too!). That crazy Sophie-- she must really think she's a mountain lion to go chasing after coyotes!

  10. Very happy to hear Jim is out of the hospital. I hope he continue to improve and does well on his new med.

    Sophie is a crazy cat. Very seldom do you hear of a cat chasing a coyote! Wow.

  11. The coyote must have been scary. Glad Jim was sprung. Much to be grateful for - Happy Thanksgiving