Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Senior Moments


A dozen seniors exploring Many Pools on ZIon’s east side. Check out Box Canyon Blog for the rest of the story.






We discovered a cool slot canyon and had to see how far we could go.


We’re climbing up there??


I can get up a lot of places, but it’s the getting back down that’s tricky. Many of us needed a little help from our friends.



Group hike on BLM land, Virgin, Utah. 12 people, 5 dogs. We could never get a photo of all the dogs together. The Boonster and Coffee Girl joined us, along with Lynne and Millie.


After a couple miles through an interesting wash we had to do some bushwacking to find the road back.


On Sunday Suzanne and Bobbie joined us for a 17 mile bike ride up the Pa’rus trail through ZIon Canyon. The shuttles are still running on weekends during November so it almost felt like we had the place to ourselves.


Unfortunately Bobbie got a flat tire on her new bike and Jim had a horrible time trying to get the tire back on.


Then it flatted again about 5 minutes down the road. Luckily the shuttles have a bike rack on the front so Bobbie and her bike hitched a ride back to the visitor center.


It was a gorgeous day for a ride along the Virgin River.



Yesterday we all went back up Kolob Terrace Road to the Wildcat trailhead, where we hiked to Mark and Bobbie’s tripod rocks. Although we did the same hike last year, we would have never been able to find them had they not been along. Heck, they’ve done it about 6 times and still had a disagreement about which way to go. We can still hike but we don’t remember much!


A tough hike with lots of up and down on slickrock, but we were all alone in the middle of Zion. Very cool!










I’m sure one of these days you can read more about these adventures on Take to the Highway and Winnie Views.

In between all the hiking, we returned the Acer computer due to a malfunction, which Jim spent way too much time trying to figure out. The tech finally had him reset everything to the way it was out of the box, which did not fix the problem. We now have a Dell Inspiron 15, which we hope will be more reliable.

We also squeezed in the movie Interstellar at the Zion IMAX Theater, with dinner at Pizza and Noodle afterward. I thought the movie was just okay, but everyone else seemed to like it. Part of my problem was sitting for 3 hours. It was way too long! The pizza was very good, though.

And finally, I haven’t posted a cat photo in awhile. They were especially cute one recent morning, wallowing on the bed. I do love them when they’re sleeping!



  1. You guys are seeing some beautiful places most people never go. (Me, for sure!) Great pictures, you had quite a group. I'm proud of you all, and a little nervous while reading through your posts. You always make it out in tact, though. LOL Love the kitty photo. :)

  2. Wow, you've been busy :))
    I liked the movie, but my geezer bladder had to take an intermission, so I got to walk around a bit.
    That's a good shot of the "tripod" supporting the rock. What a fine day it was...

  3. All alone in Zion? See Had a your group has become it's own crowd! You all look like ants scrambling over the slick rock. It looks like you all have been having a,great time!

  4. What a ton of fun y'all are having. I wish we were with your group. Your hikes are so terrific and such beautiful photos.
    I agree....going up I can do, coming down I don't usually like. I don't like seeing where I might end up if my feet fail me.
    The little ones are so dang cute!

  5. Boy you've got a hiking/biking group there. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the one with all of you and your poles standing in front of that fabulous backdrop. Great to see you all scrambling all over those rocks. I had no idea you could be in Zion so late in the year with no problem of freezing or snow. Sure wish I was there. Feeling pretty sorry for Bobbie having to take her new bike back on the bus and for Elvis and Sophie whom you do "love when they are sleeping".

  6. "We can still hike but we don’t remember much!"

    It's always new again!

  7. Okay, while it is fresher in your mind, I need you to think deep and try to remember! Once you got to the bottom of that huge field of beautiful slickrock after the beehive at the top, which way were the tripod rocks? We got to the bottom of the slickrock which I remembered from Mark's photos. From there we searched all around but I am thinking we needed to go further straight ahead. I really MUST find these rocks. So think real hard, I know you can do this. How far are they from the base of the slickrock and which way?

    I guess Sophie doesn't mind that Elvis has his feet in her face:) Typical male!

  8. You all are sure covering a lot of ground this Fall What great hikes and bikes - the pictures are wonderful. I love the ones of everyone making it up and down that narrow scramble - it looks like so much fun!! That tripod rock is definitely worth finding again and again :-)