Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back at Government Wash, Lake Mead NRA


We enjoyed the past several quiet (although cold and windy) days at our very private site near Overton, joined on our last day by Winnie Views Lynne, although we could just barely see her roof. Jim did more tweaking of the new computer, and I piddled around doing household things that had been neglected. We also rode our bikes and took walks from the campsite. It was just what we needed.

Today was a short 44 mile drive to Government Wash, a popular dispersed camping area in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We stopped to dump our tanks and get water at the Callville Bay campground and will probably hang around here until we need to dump again.

We forgot how scenic it is along Northshore Drive.



Brian and Leigh (Aluminarium) invited us to park by them, and just as we arrived a big Alfa Class A pulled up. It was their friends Norm and Lisa (Those Young Guys).

Luckily there is plenty of room for everyone. We had happy hour outside until it got too cold, then Leigh had invited us to dinner for vegan stroganoff, and I made a salad. A pleasant evening.


The water level in Lake Mead is extremely low.


The Government Wash boat launch is closed, and obviously has been for awhile judging by the size of the vegetation that’s grown up in the dry lake bed.


Being just 15-20 miles from Henderson/Las Vegas, we will definitely be paying a visit to Trader Joe’s and Total Wine over the next couple of days, and hopefully get to do some hiking.

And maybe even some of this.



  1. Wow, such a level campsite!!! and water to match the sky.
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. P.S. Some "authorities" say that Lake Mead will be nearly dry within a decade…two tops. Sad; too many taps up and down stream...

  3. That is a beautiful area and changing every year as the lake recedes. Although your alone time wasn't long, it sounds like you had a good recharging time. They always make the dash look so comfortable :-)

  4. Elvis has it right I think. Glad to see you guys have at least some down days. Your pictures of Northshore drive are gorgeous. Another place to add to my list. Sure would like that recipe for vegan lasagna. Looks like more group fun times ahead.

  5. Oh wow, I saw that recipe Leigh posted about the stroganoff and clipped it right away. Can't wait to try it out! Glad you had such a nice drive down there. I still can't thank you enough for tipping me off about this boondock-- absolutely loving it! Elvis sure has the right idea-- wouldn't it be great to crawl up and nap on the dash?!!!

  6. Nice to be in such gorgeous country and yet not far from some decent shopping. Very scary how low Mead is. Time to rethink water usage in the arid SW.

  7. Glad you made it!! Sounds like a great gathering at Govt Wash. Enjoy!

  8. Super low water level here too at Lake Skinner. Southern California is a scary dry tinder box. We need to do a mass rain dance all across the SW I think!