Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Day at Usery Mountain

We drove to D & R Family RV in Glendale yesterday and had the propane connector for the catalytic heater installed. They started working on it as soon as we arrived and an hour and a half later we were on our way back to the park. Since Glendale is on the northwest side of Phoenix, and we are staying on the east side, it was an exciting 40 mile drive there at 8 in the morning. The traffic was much better coming back so it wasn’t quite as nerve racking for both driver and passenger. We would recommend D & R if anyone needs RV work done in the Phoenix area. They were prompt, professional, and their prices seemed fair, although the place is not much to look at. We used our new heater a little bit last night, and it was great this morning to take the chill off, although it was already 50 degrees outside when I got up. We managed to set off the carbon monoxide detector today, so we learned that just cracking the kitchen window isn’t quite enough. At least the detector came on before we passed out!

Yesterday afternoon we hiked the Wind Cave trail with Chuck and Carla, a 1.6 mile hike up the mountain. It was a beautiful trail, but I unfortunately twisted my ankle on the climb up. It didn’t feel too bad until we were heading back down, but it is red and swollen today, so I will not be hiking for a couple days. Now I have to convince Jim that it’s okay to go without me.

Some views from the trail. We had a bird’s eye view of the campground and our group area.P2260005 P2260015 P2260006 P2260012

Jim, Carla, and Chuck at the cave.  There are lots more trails in the park and I hope my ankle feels better soon so I can get to enjoy them.P2260010

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  1. Oh Darn! sorry about your ankle..hope you mend quickly and are back hiking again soon.