Monday, February 8, 2010

Still at Organ Pipe

We decided to stay 5 more nights, so tonight will be our 12th here.  The weather has been good, although still getting a little colder at night than we’d like. It’s been a good learning experience with our solar power, figuring out what we can afford to use so we don’t run our batteries down too much and still have enough power left for the furnace at night.

We’ve done some more hiking, a little biking and just walking the entire campground, which I clocked as 3.75 miles if you go up and down every row. On our walk today we saw a couple from British Columbia who we saw at Lake Havasu and Lake Cauhilla. They are on their way to Puerto Penasco for the first time and we told them what we thought. Just as we did, they met several people who recommended it.  Maybe we’ll run into them again and find out what they thought.

These photos are from Alamo Canyon, a mile long trail that goes to an abandoned ranch. There was still water in the stream from the heavy rain they had a couple weeks ago.

P2060019 P2060013 P2060014 

Debbie and I decided we needed to make one more trip across the border to get a couple things at the pharmacy, so this morning I slipped something in Jim’s tea and got him to go with us. We drove 5 miles to Lukeville, AZ and walked across. This time the border patrol asked if we had over $10,ooo on us!  Guess it’s just a little routine they use to break the ice and get a feel for why we were going. We got a cab to Sonoyta at the tourist office just across the border, and were offered to buy a puppy for a dollar by a little Mexican kid who should have been in school. Then we got to watch him abuse the poor dog by wheeling him around in a wagon, and not very gently. Ah, Mexico!  We survived another trip there, and I got to use some of my rusty Spanish on the cab driver. I suspect he overcharged us, but he did wait for us and took us to a couple different places. It was still cheaper than buying the insurance again, and less stressful since we didn’t have to drive. Not surprisingly, the cab driver didn’t obey any of the speed limits like we did.

Tomorrow we’re off to Tucson.This is one of the many lovely sunsets we’ve seen here almost every night.


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