Sunday, February 14, 2010

Old Home Week

Our week here is flying by, and we have spent lots of time visiting with old and new friends. Chuck and Carla, from Des Moines, arrived a couple days ago. We met them last year at the Southwest Lazy Daze get together here in Tucson and travelled with them for a couple weeks. They are on a 3 month trip, getting away from the snow and cold back home.

Pam, another full time Lazy Daze owner from Georgia who we’ve met a couple times at the Southeast get togethers, arrived today, on her way to California.

Joe and Sally from Colorado, who we met here last year in March, just happened to be here again this week. Then we got an e-mail yesterday from Dawn and Jeff, full time RVers for 9 years, who have been following our blog and showed up here Wednesday. They stopped by this morning and we had a nice long visit, picking their brains about places to go and see, since they enjoy hiking and staying in pretty campgrounds as we do.

We’ve done a few hikes from the campground, but haven’t even made it to Saguaro National Park yet, which is adjacent to this park. Tomorrow Jim has an appointment with an eye doctor in Tucson, so that will shoot the afternoon. Then we have to leave here Tuesday, long before we would like to. The rules say you can come back for 7 more days if you leave for 7, but we are going to check with the camp hosts to see if they really adhere to that policy. We’re just not ready to move on yet.

Here are a couple pictures from the Brown Mountain trail.  No rattlesnakes yet this year!



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