Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ


We moved to Catalina State Park, on the northeast side of Tucson, on Tuesday. This place is very popular, and after waiting about 15 minutes we got the last non-electric site. They raised the rates for electric from $20 to $25 since we stayed here a year ago, so we didn’t mind the $15 without hookups, and these sites are much nicer anyway.

Jim’s eye appointment went well. He doesn’t need the cataract removed yet, but she thought many of his complaints were due to his dry eye problem. She prescribed Restasis drops, which are advertised all the time on TV. What they fail to tell you is that they cost over $200 a month. We have a high deductible insurance plan, so it would be out of pocket.  Jim decided to try them anyway and filled the Rx at CVS, who handles our drug plan. After getting home he read the literature which states the drops must be stored between 56-77 degrees. Anyone living in an RV knows that is impossible, so he called to see if they could be refrigerated. No dice. So, back to CVS to return the unopened drops and on to plan B, simply using the lubricating gel and drops more often, a much cheaper alternative anyway.

Our temperatures have been in the low to mid 70’s and sunny. Yesterday we hiked the Canyon Loop trail, and continued on a bit farther on an unmaintained trail up the mountain. Jim slipped and fell on the way down but luckily just got a scraped hand.

We had forgotten how pretty this park is. P2170014  P2170016  P2170018 The trail loops back through a canyon with a stream. There was a lot more water than we remembered from last year, and our waterproof hiking boots were put to the test since we had to cross it several times.P2170020  Today it’s RV maintenance and a bike ride. It’s amazing how busy we seem to be even though we aren’t working. But I’m not complaining!

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  1. glad you are enjoying Catalina..We will be there in a week for some more hiking..
    There is a bird walk on Friday at 830am that meets at the picnic /bathroom area..Dennis who leads the bird walk is excellent!