Friday, May 21, 2010

Bluff, Utah


We are still at Sand Island near Bluff. The prime riverfront site opened up this morning so we moved across the road. Nice view of the river and we get to watch the rafters and kayakers go by.


Bluff is a very small town only 37 miles from Monument Valley. We should have come directly here and taken a day trip when it was less windy, but after our experience we don’t really care about going back. We did take a nice drive to Muley Point, a lovely spot we camped at last year. From Sand Island it was a 32 mile drive, part of it on the Moki Dugway, which is not paved and very twisty and steep. No large RVs are allowed so in order to get there with the rig, it would have been an 83 mile drive. We settled for a day trip, a hike out to the point, and lunch with a view. The 4 mile dirt road leading to Muley Point seemed in better shape than last year and there was no one camped there. We were wishing we had been.

P1000916 P1000917 P1000920

There is a large wall of petroglyphs here at Sand Island, and if you know how much Jim likes rock art, you know we had a fun time checking them out and trying to figure out what they mean. Here are just a few of the ones we saw.

P1000912  P1000909 P1000910

And our favorite. I think this happened before they put up the fence to protect them.


Debbie left early this morning on her way to visit friends and family in Iowa and Minnesota for the summer. We are staying here over the weekend before we head to Canyonlands since we are under a wind advisory for the next 2 days, with gusts predicted to 55-60mph. Should be an exciting time. The boys don’t seem to be too worried as long as we have sunshine.



  1. The kitties look so happy! Your tuxedo cat looks like our George.

  2. Louise,
    Yes, Oreo reminds us of George. Hope she is feeling better.