Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion NP


For our last hike in Zion yesterday we decided to take the shuttle up the canyon one more time and hike the Hidden Canyon trail. It was a good choice, as you get great views along the one mile climb (gaining almost 1000’, so it’s pretty steep), then you get to enter the Hidden Canyon, do some rock scrambling, and hike about a half mile more. The last quarter mile before the canyon mouth is along a slickrock ledge which requires holding on to chains anchored in the rock. Quite exciting when you have a fear of heights.

It actually looks worse in the picture than it really was.


The ledge was fairly wide in most places.


Except in this one section where Jim got a shot of Debbie. You just don’t want to let go of the chain!


The rest of these were taken in Hidden Canyon, which had a mixture of sheer rock walls, beautiful colors, and even an arch.

P1000627 P1000616 P1000617 P1000626 P1000622

This was the end of the trail for us. Jim managed to climb up these rocks but there were more and bigger obstacles so we turned back. It was a great way to end our two weeks here. And this is still our favorite park so far.


We will be leaving this morning for St. George, Utah, a grueling 40 mile trip. Jim’s root canal tooth is still showing signs of infection, although luckily he is not in pain. He has an appointment Tuesday with an oral surgeon to see if it needs to come out. More fun!

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