Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Lucky Day


We are now at Lone Rock Beach on Lake Powell just outside of Page, AZ. We stayed here for a few days last April and parked right on the beach. This time we decided to stay up in the big gravel parking lot above the beach, since there were only three other RVs here and we were afraid the beach would be way too crazy over the weekend. For $10/night there is a dump and water, not always easy to find in southern Utah, and we have a commanding view of the lake. We met up again with Debbie, who has been here for a few days at an RV park in Page.

P1000788 P1000795

Yesterday afternoon we did a couple short hikes we missed last year. The first one took us to a view of Horseshoe Bend, where the Colorado River takes a big turn.

P1000776 P1000772 P1000773

Next we went to an overlook for the Glen Canyon Dam.


And now for the lucky part. As I was researching the area, I realized we were very close to The Wave, a world famous slot canyon. BLM manages the wilderness area, and only allows 20 people a day to hike the canyon. 10 of the permits are given out through an on-line lottery months in advance, and the other 10 permits are issued the day before at the BLM Paria field office 20 miles west of here, in another lottery. We arrived there this morning shortly after 8:30, I filled out an application for Jim, Debbie and myself, and we were given #18. There were 34 groups and 70 some people vying for the 10 slots. At 9am sharp they drew the numbers, and lo and behold #18 was the first one picked! So tomorrow we will be hiking the three mile Coyote Buttes trail to the Wave. I’m sure we’ll have lots of photos!


  1. We hope your water pump blows up!

  2. Hi Gayle and Jim,
    The Wave looks wonderful!!!! We've been to the Horseshoe Bend area. Not sure exactly where the Wave is....but I'll check. Would hate to drive that far wanting to go to it and not get in! Does that happen to people or do they keep camping out another day hoping to get in?
    Glad you all are enjoying your adventures. Sounds great.

  3. Hey Sally,

    The Wave is north Page, AZ. The Wave is actually in AZ but you hike to it from Utah. The dirt road to get to it is off the road to Kanab, UT.

    There are some folks who come back multiple times to get a permit. One fellow we met tried three days in a row with no luck.

    They have a board posted that shows how many people show up each day for permits. The day we were there it was 73 but they were in groups so the total applications was around 34. A couple of days before it was 89 people don't know how many applications.

    It would have been nice to stay longer to get different lighting but we decided to leave earlier since it was not that easy to find your way out.

    Glad we did it but can't believe we got that lucky.