Monday, May 3, 2010

Quail Creek State Park, Hurricane UT

Spent the night at Quail Creek State Park near Hurricane/St. George, Utah. No hookups, no dump, and the website said $13/night. .Of course, they raised the rates on May 1st so it is now $15. So far this year, California, Arizona, Nevada, and now Utah state parks have all raised their fees. Guess that’s how it goes.
This park is a very pretty spot on a lake but it was extremely windy yesterday.
P1000632 P1000637
We scoped out the Red Cliffs BLM campsite a couple miles down the road, and are going to attempt to move there today. There are two I-15 underpass tunnels to go through, 11’9"X12’. The camp host said it should be no problem but we will see. She joked that the garbage truck comes once a week to pick up air conditioners that got knocked off of rigs trying to make it under. From the look of all the scrapes and gouges in the roof of the tunnels, she’s probably right.

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  1. Well, when I hear Jim cussing all the way in Iowa, I'll know your rig didn't fit under the underpass.