Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Red Cliffs Campground, St. George, UT


On Monday we did manage to get through the tunnels and two stream crossings with just a little scraping of our hitch to get to the Red Cliffs campground. When our tanks need emptying we will leave. The nearest dump is only about 5 miles away at a Texaco station but it’s a bit too challenging getting to the campground. The funny thing is there is nothing on the BLM site about RV size restrictions or the tunnels, so Jim had to use his investigative skills to research the situation and got several different answers. The BLM website is not real helpful, and even a phone call to the local BLM field office gave a different answer. But we made it and it is beautiful. Only 10 sites, red rocks and nice trails.

Going through the I-15 underpasses. A bit nerve wracking but there really was plenty of clearance.



The road entering the park.


This was one of the prettiest trails we’ve ever been on. With the water and the sun hitting the rocks just right, it was spectacular. The only thing that spoiled it was a group of young people who were jumping into the water from the rocks. We figured someone would be injured, and Jim reminded them of the “Head First First Time” rule. Or maybe he got it backwards. Luckily they didn’t get hurt, and finally left so we could take some pictures.

P1000652P1000657   P1000659 P1000661  P1000674 P1000663 P1000665 P1000671

Yes. poor Jim did have his tooth extracted yesterday. He did fine and is only having minor discomfort. He hasn’t decided if he will get another implant or a bridge this time. He’s hoping this is the last of his teeth problems for a long time.

After we got back from the oral surgeon, this Allegro Bus came into the campground. We aren’t sure how they got in, as tall as it looks, and with the bank of solar panels on the side, but I guess they were under 11’9”X12’. They were also towing a Jeep.


One last picture I took yesterday on a little hike up to a viewpoint. You can see us on the right, and Quail Creek Reservoir, where we camped Sunday night, in the background.



  1. Wow, we would have never fit through that underpass! Glad you did, though. Looks like some nice scenery.

  2. Wow - that area does look gorgeous. Joan just told me about your blog. I should have been looking at these all along to get vacation ideas!

    What is the nicest area closest to P'cola?!?