Monday, June 14, 2010

Unique RVs

Jim enjoys taking pictures of interesting cars and RVs. We saw this one at the RV park we stayed at in Moab. Looks like a work in progress.

P1010043  P1010044 

We spotted this one at Wal-Mart in Page, AZ.


Another Unimog we saw at Organ Pipe Cactus NM. This thing could go anywhere.


What we used to camp in before we got the Lazy Daze. This is why we can be comfortable in a 30’ motorhome.


And finally, an old biking friend of ours from Pensacola is in the process of building a toy hauler type trailer to carry their motorcycle in. Hope we will get to see it some day as I don’t believe we’ve ever seen one quite like it.

004 [1600x1200] 002 [1600x1200]

While this is not an RV it is a car we came across while riding the Rim Road yesterday afternoon. It is a 1914 Fiat, driver is on the right side. We saw one other old car. Got to talk to these folks. They are on a tour with about 30 other old cars.



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