Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wildlife in the Grand Tetons

The swan actually belonged to a woman who was tent camping with a big white dog. They would walk around the campground with the swan following behind. Not sure if they all slept in the tent together. Quite an interesting group.
Monday evening we walked along the river trail again and saw another great horned owl fly from one tree to another, then a few minutes later spotted this moose. We scared it and it ran across to the other side of the river. That was pretty exciting.P1010464P1010468 
Yesterday we hiked the 6 mile loop around Taggart and Bradley Lakes. We were warned about the possibility of bears on the trail but the most we saw were squirrels and chipmunks. It was a lovely hike anyway.
P1010470 P1010471
P1010481 P1010480
On the drive back from the trail, we saw several bison along the road. Just after Jim took it’s picture and started driving off, this one ran out in front of the car. He was a big guy!
Last night we went back down to the river looking for the beaver. We not only got to see three of them swimming and going in and out of the water, but there was also a bald eagle in a tree on the other side. After seeing nothing but lizards and a few snakes in the desert for so many months this has been great.
P1010493 P1010489P1010497

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  1. We were in GTNP last week and saw plenty of bear, moose, elk etc but were unsuccessful in our attempts at spotting a beaver at the wonderful spot off-road at their dam. Enjoy your time, such a beautiful park. We enjoyed our time at Yellowstone as well, lots of driving there though to see it all.
    Ali (touringbrits.blogspot)