Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alum Creek State Park, Delaware, OH



We drove 220 miles yesterday to Alum Creek State Park, just north of Columbus, OH. The new tires seem fine although they sound different than the Michelins.

This is a huge campground, close to 300 sites, but there are very few people here. It took us an hour last night to walk all the loops in our section. Luckily they take Passport America Sunday-Wednesday, so we are paying $14 a night for 2 nights, and the full $28 for Thursday. Electric at all the sites but we had to fill our water tank at the dump station. There is a big lake here, but very few sites have any view. Too many trees!

Our friends Dave and Kim, whom we stayed with on Middle Bass Island, actually live just 9 miles from here, so we will be visiting with Kim, as Dave is working in Denver this week. She called last night to tell us there was a Mellow Mushroom Pizza, our favorite, near their house. Guess where we’ll be eating tonight!

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  1. Just catching up with you guys. We left Branson last Fri and are in LR at Maumelle Park, a Corp of Engineer park on the AR River. Take care & enjoy that pizza!!