Monday, September 5, 2011



We’ve been spending most of our time visiting and camera shopping since we got to Erie. Still haven’t decided on a camera. Is it that we are getting old and can’t make decisions or are there just too many choices these days?

Saturday night we had dinner at Boston’s Pizza with my brother, nieces and one great niece. My great nephew was at grandma’s so we haven’t seen him yet.

Nieces Lisa and Kara.


Lisa and her husband Rick.


Cute almost four year old Alexis, Rick and Lisa’s little girl, with her favorite grandpa, my brother Bob. She was the best kid we’ve ever had dinner with, sat still and colored during the whole meal.


Yesterday we went to a local assisted living facility to visit my only remaining aunt, Kay. When we were here three years ago she wasn’t doing well and I was afraid I wouldn’t see her again, but she’s still hanging in there at almost 89.

This is only the second time I’ve been back to Erie since my dad died in July 2007, and it just doesn’t seem the same here without him, but life goes on.

This afternoon we had lunch with my nieces again, and both their kids. This is Marques, who will be 5 next month. He was only 2 the last time we saw him and has turned into a very cute, polite, precocious little guy. I am impressed with how my nieces are raising their kids, since they still seem like kids themselves.


Then we stopped by my brother’s house to see their two new kittens, which we were so busy playing with we forgot to take pictures of. This is actually the house we grew up in. Dad sold it to Bob and Sue in 1983, a couple years after Mom died. Always brings back good memories going back there.



  1. Isn't it fun catching up on family after being away? Since my father passed away our family gatherings have never been the same for my family as well.

    It is always fun to see how the youngest members of your family are growing up. Enjoy your stay there!

  2. So glad you've been enjoying family time!! Always good and very important!!
    I think there are just so many different choices in cameras and they all have some good features. That makes things harder when choosing. Good luck choosing one just right for your needs. :-)