Sunday, March 18, 2012

Choke Canyon State Park, Three Rivers, TX



It was a great feeling to get back on the road again, and we had a pleasant 189 mile drive north to Choke Canyon State Park. We purchased a Texas State Parks Pass a couple weeks ago, which for $70 for a year gives us free entrance to all state parks. If we hadn’t bought the pass we would each have to pay a $4 entrance fee per day, plus the $20 a night for the site with water and electric. When you buy a pass they also give you 4 nights of half price camping, so it won’t be long before it pays for itself, as we plan on staying at several more state parks before we leave Texas.

Since we got here on Saturday, there were only a few sites left to pick from. We actually got a nice private site.


But when we saw everyone packing up this morning we quickly moved to a prime waterfront site.


With a great view of Choke Canyon Reservoir.


Last evening we walked around the campgrounds and cabin area. It was strange seeing so many tents, pop ups and kids on bikes after a few months at an RV park where there were no tents and we rarely saw a child. (That was a good thing!).

Today we hiked the several miles of trails throughout the park. This is a popular birding area and we saw lots of birds.





Turkey vultures


Dozens of hawks


Also a bunch of roseatte spoonbills on the other side of the lake which we wouldn’t have spotted without binoculars.

Lots of bird houses, but this one been taken over by something else.


It was full of bees.


We also saw plenty of colorful wildflowers.



It’s a nice park and we would definitely stop here again, although our Verizon internet is extremely slow.

I know I promised no more cat pictures but we made one last visit to Cinderella Friday. Jim is holding his favorite, Muffy, and petting my favorite, Lion, at the same time.


A better picture of the handsome Lion.


And another of our favorites, sweet Pedro.


Jim has already informed me that if Muffy hasn’t been adopted by the time we return in November, she is coming to live with us.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to Fredericksburg in the Hill Country.


  1. Jim if you feel that strongly why wait until November. Just remember though that the new member to your family will also need it's own space when travelling.

    It's about time,

  2. Beautiful pictures. Your site looks ideal, right on the water and lots of grass - wow. I bet you miss your feline friends and I hope Muffy is still around in November. She looks so sweet.

  3. Great state park. We missed this one. You will love Fredericksburg. We stayed at Lady Bird Johnson park. Really nice. Safe travels. ~wheresweaver

  4. It was a good idea to purchase the Texas state parks pass. I did that last year ($60 - they must have raised the price) and saved a great deal at the state parks.

    I really enjoyed their state parks.

    I bet it is good to be back on the road again.

  5. Lovely pics. And, ahemmmm, Muffy will need a playmate when you're out on activities and hiking and biking and taking more pretty pics. Lion and Pedro both volunteer! I'm just sayin'. :)

  6. Love your site. Sunday is definitely a day to pick up a great site when the week-enders move.

    One cat, two cats, 3 cats, they all look darling to me. Just take a group with you. Then everyone is happy.


  7. Interesting picture of the bees in the bird house.
    So. Where do your adventures take you between now and November?
    Enjoy your travels.
    Ed and Carol

  8. We missed that park... too bad... looks great!

  9. I knew it. You will adopt one of those cats. Enjoy!