Saturday, March 24, 2012

Luckenbach, TX


On the way home from Pedernales Falls we took a 5 mile detour to Luckenbach, Texas, where “Everybody’s Somebody”.  We can’t get Waylon and Wille’s song out of our heads, the song which in 1977 brought worldwide fame to the then almost ghost town. The only buildings still standing are the old post office/general store/bar and a dance hall.


The general store is now mostly a souvenir shop, but we found something we wanted. This cat  was sleeping in a bucket of sale t-shirts. I thought it would be great to buy a shirt with cat hair on it already! Too bad the cat wasn’t for sale.


We had a beer and sat and listened to a great local singer/songwriter, Levi Darr, who sings blues, rock and country.



We liked this sculpture in front of the restrooms.


You could easily miss the turn-off to Luckenbach, and Jim was inclined to just drive around the town loop, but he was glad I made him stop. It’s a nice, relaxing place to sit for awhile and listen to music. We’ll be buying those cowboy hats soon!


  1. Looks like a cool fun place -- can't wait to see you two with cowboy hats:o)

  2. Glad you made it to Luckenbach. It is such a cool little place. Yes it is off the beaten path but well worth it.

  3. You definitely need to by cowboy hats for the next hootenanny!

  4. Another wonderful place to visit. We had a blast there too. You two can get the best kitten pictures. This one is awesome! Enjoy. ~wheresweaver

  5. No one who listens to Waylon & Willie could drive right by. Glad you gave me a glimpse of it. Hope to see you in 10 gallons soon!


  6. You listened to country music!

  7. Don't be snarking our hats now, y'all hear? LOL. Sorry, this TX bred, born and raised girl couldn't resist. :)