Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winding Down



We are down to our last couple days here in Mission, TX. It’s been another busy week trying to get everything done we’ve been putting off. Jim has been good, though, and has worked hard changing the oil in the car, flushing the hot water tank in the Lazy Daze, installing the antenna for our new satellite radio, reinstalling the Doran tire pressure sensors which he took off since we were sitting in one place so long, and buying and replacing the engine battery in the Lazy Daze. We debated about the battery since it’s going on six years old and decided we’d rather be safe than sorry. Seems like our car batteries never give us any warning they’re going bad and just don’t start one day and we didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. It’s worth the $90 for peace of mind.

We’ve also done some training for our workamping job next season. So far we’ve helped set up, work, and clean up for coffee and donuts, Margarita hour, bingo, a Friday night show, and the biggie, a barbeque and dance last Saturday. I took tickets and Jim dished out beans, then we helped clean up the clubhouse after. We’ve enjoyed temps in the 80’s for weeks now but a front came through Friday with cold and rain. The rain stopped on Saturday but it was only in the 50’s, and the dining tables were set up outside to allow plenty of room for dancing in the clubhouse.

Here’s Jim and the other servers trying to keep warm.


Where’s that Texas sunshine when you need it?


Even though we aren’t huge fans of country music, The Country Roland Band was excellent. I especially liked some of the beautiful songs he sang in Spanish. And the dancers loved them.


We also learned how to post events to the calendar and print up posters and tickets. As strange as it may seem, we have actually enjoyed doing all this, partly because of the fun people we’re working with. I think we have a great activities team here at Bentsen Palm Village and look forward to coming back to work in November. This has been the longest we’ve stayed anywhere, but the time has flown by. We love the biking, the proximity to Bentsen State Park, the weather (most of the time), and the good friends we’ve made here.

And of course we volunteered our last day at Cinderella on Monday, but will stop by tomorrow to say goodbye to all the cats and dogs once more before we leave. Stay tuned for something other than cat pictures in future posts!


Hey wait, we dogs need a home, too!


And no, we are not taking any of them with us when we go.


  1. I admire people that have done regular animal shelter volunteer work. I did it a few times and found it emotionally challenging.

  2. Do I remember right that you'll be work camping there next year. If so, great way to be where you love for the season you want and cut expenses. Sound like a winner!

  3. Those little ones just break my heart seeing them sitting there. They are sooooo adorable!
    Glad you are enjoying the volunteer work. I think it would be so much fun meeting all the people and planning those events. Enjoy your last few days. ~wheresweaver

  4. That is great that you have your winter all planned for next year. It sounds like you guys are really in the swing of things.

  5. Travel safe when you leave here. Wasn't the cold snap a surprise? We will miss the kitty photos. They have been great. Can't wait till next winter to see some more.

  6. Bentsen Palm is fortunate to have you two returning, you will make great work campers! Safe travels, wherever you head next ... Will it be the hill country?
    Hope to meet up in CO this summer

  7. Jackets in the South? This time of year? Say it ain't so! LOL. The pics of all those furry babies make me want to bring each one of them home. They have been so blessed to have your time and hearts. Did you guys get my email? Safe travels!