Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, Fredericksburg, TX



We are now at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park in Fredericksburg, arriving yesterday well before the predicted severe thunderstorms. This is a pleasant city campground with water, electric, sewer and cable.The weekly rate is $175, better than the $30 nightly rate.

The view from our site.


We walked around the park and hiked the couple miles of nature trails, one of which took us along the banks of Little Oak Creek.



We even got to walk through some areas of the famous Texas Bluebonnets.


The weather predictions came true, and we finally got the severe thunderstorm/tornado watch about 9pm, with the power going out shortly after it started raining.  It is always nerve racking sitting in the RV wondering what to do, and as usual we just sat it out. The hail came down about 11, and I was ready to run to the restroom building, thinking a tornado would soon follow. It didn’t, but with the thunder, lightning, hail, and alerts from the weather radio, it was a bit stressful and we didn’t get much sleep until the thunder and rain finally let up around 2am. The hood of the car now has quite a few dimples from the hail but Jim couldn’t see any damage to the Lazy Daze.

Today we visited the LBJ Ranch and took the self guided tour (they loan you a CD to listen to along the drive). It is a beautiful ranch and we can see why LBJ spent so much time there.The Pedernales River runs through it, and after all the rain last night it was flowing swiftly.


It is still a working ranch, so we got to see lots of farm animals.







There is a family cemetery under the shade of huge live oaks.


We also visited the Texas White House for a ranger guided tour. The interior is being restored and is decorated just as it was when they were living there. No photography was allowed inside the house.


LBJ’s plane, a Lockheed C-140 JetStar, which he liked to call Air Force One Half.


Along with several Lincoln Continental Convertibles, he owned other unique vehicles. A 1934 Ford Phaeton, his hunting vehicle.


This is a German made Amphicar, the only civilian amphibious car ever made. LBJ liked to surprise his guests by driving it into the river.


It was an enjoyable afternoon, free for the auto tour, $2 a person for the ranger tour of the house and definitely worth it.

On the way home we stopped at Wildseed Farms, an interesting garden shop. restaurant and wildflower farm.


A field of corn poppies.


We capped off the day with a beer at Fredericksburg Brewing Company. Looks like there is plenty here to keep us busy all week.


  1. I miss the Texas Bluebonnets this year. Thanks for the photo.
    We really enjoyed LBJ Ranch. Our tour guide in the house was excellent.
    We missed the Fredericksburg Brewing Company. Hit that the next time we are in that area.
    Sorry to hear about the terrible storm you had. We had a big storm but thank goodness no hail. Glad to hear you had no tornadoes. Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. The Old Railroad Tunnel Bat Cave is near and I found it worth the visit. The Fort Martin Scott on 290 east has the original jail house still standing. The candle factory a little closer to Fburg than Wildseed is also a treat. Have fun.

  3. So glad you survived that horrible storm!! From the sound of the TV reports it was a rough one!

    We have not been to the LBJ Ranch but it is on our "to see" list for next year. Can't wait!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the hail. We hit one in Oklahoma last year and it dimpled up our car a lot. Glad we had insurance as the repair bill was amazingly high. I know what you mean about never being quite sure what to do in those bad weather situations.

    Envying you the bluebonnets!


  5. Looks like you had a wonderful visit in Fredericksburg, aside from the storm. Glad it didn't do any damage to your LD.

  6. Very interesting post. I remember many years ago someone interviewed Lady Byrd and asked her, "How would you like to be remembered?" She looked away for a moment, then said, "I hope when anyone sees wildflowers along our highways, they enjoy them." To this day, whenever I pass by flowers I whisper, "Thank you Lady Byrd." Rich always laughed, but she really did beautify our highways. He used to say, "You never forget, and I don't." The moment was so poignant that it stuck with me.

    I did not like her husband, but I always had a soft spot in my heart for her--always will.

    One other interesting thing I heard about her was that someone saw a little old lady with a scarf over her head in the back of the church when Jackie Kennedy died. There was no to-do. I think those two women had a secret alliance only known to themselves.

  7. I'm glad you survived the storm, but the rest of your post sounds wonderful! It's nice to see how the Johnson's lived, quite a nice place, and I can also see why he loved it there. Great pictures!

  8. Thanks for the tour; we'll have to add it to the places on our list to visit in Texas.

  9. Hope you enjoy your week there as much as today. We hiked that trail and visited the living history farm at LBJ. We love the area. Have fun.

  10. I forgot about the Brewing Company. I had such a hard time choosing when I went there! LOL.

    @ hobopals - thanks for sharing such a lovely tribute.