Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sisters Creekside Campground, Sisters, OR



It was another scenic drive from Eugene to Sisters, crossing the Cascades at 4,800’, a fairly gradual climb. It was nice to occasionally get a glimpse of snowcapped mountains again.

Although we have friends camp hosting in a couple of the National Forest campgrounds at Camp Sherman, about 15 miles from Sisters, they don’t have useable cell or internet there so we decided to just spend a few nights at the Sisters Creekside Campground, owned by the city. It is just a short walk from here to the cute little downtown.


If you are 60 or older, it is $10/night to dry camp here, normally $15. They do have water, bathrooms, and a dump for $5 more. All of the other RVs are in the hookup sites around the perimeter, so we have the middle area to ourselves.


Just across a covered bridge over Wychus Creek is a park, and just a couple more blocks from there you are downtown.


We walked around town and looked in some of the shops, then had a beer at Three Creeks Brewery, which turned out to be a disappointment compared to the last couple breweries we’ve visited.

Yesterday we took a drive to Camp Sherman, where our Lazy Daze friends Chris, and David (minus Nola), are camp hosts. Chris took us on a great hike along the Metolius RIver to a gorge. That is a really pretty area, and there are some nice campsites right on the river.






Lots of nice vacation homes on the other side.


We made a friend on the trail. Russ and Donna, we thought of you!


David was home from work when we were heading back, so we stopped and chatted for awhile. We were all last together at Mittry Lake in February.

Me, David Chris and Debbie.


After we got home last evening we walked a couple blocks to Hop N Bean, a nice little restaurant with a bunch of great craft beers on tap. The pizza was very good, too.

We really like the little town of Sisters. Although the population is only 2,000, and tourism is the main industry, it is very quaint and rustic, no tacky tourist feel to it. There are also 25 miles of mountain bike trails and the trail head is just a few blocks from our campground, so that’s what’s on the agenda today. After laundry, that is.


  1. Sweet little spot. We drove by that campground on the way out of Bend and wondered what it was like. Love the fact that you can walk to town.

  2. I only got to visit Sisters once for a couple of hours but really enjoyed myself there. That area is near active volcanoes that can prove interesting at times.

  3. Awww...cute little dog!! Hope you get to visit the Wizard Falls fish hatchery in Camp Sherman. It's very peaceful there and is a nice place to have a picnic or just a nice walk. Another nice walk is to visit the head of the Metolius. The water bubbles out of the rocks and in just a short distance, is a full blown river. Very scenic. Sisters is a great town and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  4. We thought Three Creeks wasn't very good as well. I think next time we are in the Bend area we will stay in Sisters and that campground looks nice. Sisters can get hopping during the summer, they have a big quilt show and who knows what else.

  5. I didn't know Sisters has a city campground. Looks nice. We seem to hit all the snoparks in Oregon.

  6. Looks great. Looking forward to the time in the near future when we can do these trips on a normal basis. We really enjoy the Sisters area in spring an summer.

  7. I was boondocked near the Metolius River, beyond Lower Bridge, for Memorial Day weekend. Too bad I missed you.

  8. Gee, I was boon docked near the Metolius River, beyond Lower Bridge, for Memorial Day weekend. Too bad I missed seeing you.

  9. We really enjoyed Sisters. One year we came back to the city park after mountain biking and there was a bear up a tree which was interesting given that it was in town.

  10. Looks like a lovely area. Nice that you got to meet up with some Lazy Daze folks.
    Safe travels,

  11. I camped on the Metolius River several years ago and really loved it.

  12. Great photos! We're in Bend now too, but at Crown Villa. Loving Sisters and the whole area. Have you gotten to the McKenzie River and Sahalie Fall yet? Incredible. Heading for Eugene next. What root did you take from Eugene to Sisters? Would it be suitable for a big 5th wheel?

    1. We took Hwy 126 to Hwy 20 into Sisters. Shouldn't be a problem for bigger rigs. Just be sure you don't turn on Hwy 242 off 126.