Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Bend of the Colorado State Park, Laughlin, NV


We had our fill of the Laughlin strip, and after 8 nights of dry camping, decided to spend the night here to charge everything up, dump and take on water before heading to Lake Havasu City.

After so many months of full hookups, it’s been a re-learning experience dry camping, especially with the sun setting before 5 0’clock. We are getting the hang of it again, after realizing we just need to run the generator an hour or two a day since the sun is too low in the sky to get the batteries fully charged.

We drove across the river to Bullhead City, AZ on our way here this morning to get gas in the rig. They were charging $2.99/gallon on the Nevada side, and only $2.38 a few miles away in Arizona, definitely the cheapest gas we’ve bought in a long time. Hope that’s a sign of things to come.

Have to go use some more power! Here’s a couple pictures from our sunset walk. These big waterfront homes are across from the park on the Arizona side of the Colorado.

PB190037 PB190036

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