Friday, November 27, 2009

Lake Havasu Thanksgiving


This is how the cats spent the day, as usual. Jim was not so lucky. Did laundry, went for a bike ride, and I cooked a pasta dinner. Last Thanksgiving we did laundry and went to the Alamo. Guess the laundry thing will become our new tradition. You would think nobody would be at the laundromat on Thanksgiving morning, but it was pretty busy. Debbie only broke one washer and the change machine, so it wasn’t too bad. Every time we go it seems like something malfunctions for us. I sure miss the washer and dryer at Bonneville Dam.

PB260062  It was a gorgeous day, and we are signing up for another week here. We gave thanks for the fact that our water pump is still working. The replacement is to be FedExed on Monday so we won’t get it until Wednesday. If history repeats itself, this new pump should at least last a couple weeks. The one that is coming has a new circuit board that is supposed to be more reliable. Only time will tell. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

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